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Vegan paleo diet: dangerous?

We return to the paleolithic dietA new food stream is emerging: the vegan paleo diet. Which consists of going back and following the diet of our ancestors. A regime made up almost entirely of for raw fruits and vegetables. But… is she completely healthy? We will tell you all the details.

We return to the paleolithic

Surely at school or in documentaries you have seen the way in which humans lived in prehistory, in the Paleolithic. People who they survived and that thanks to evolution they became what we all are now. This same evolution is has led us to eat as we do today. Result accused of being the cause of many diseases and ills of our body. That is why, under the excuse of them surviving, many people have decided to return to their diet. Calling it the paleo diet.

The premise they follow is consume the foods that nature gives us since before the Neolithic Revolution, the appearance of agriculture and the beginning of a sedentary lifestyle. That is, from when the gastronomic routine was based on hunting and gathering. For this they include a wide variety of products that are the following: vegetable fruit, seeds, nuts, roots, algae, honey, meat, fish, eggs and animal entrails. While ignoring the: refined, dairy, cereals, pseudocereals, legumes, sugars, molasses, syrups, salt, alcohol and coffee.

paleo vegan diet
pelolitic painting / source: instagram user @ quecuriosidades_com

Different versions: the vegan paleo diet

How have you been able to observe meat derivatives, as well as meat and fish are allowed. Around this is why various versions of this diet arise: raw paleo (advocating eating only raw foods) and the vegan peleo diet. Also called Pegan, it is characterized by “enhance the most positive aspects of a vegan dieta, which are their high consumption of fruits and vegetables, with a moderate consumption of meat, fish and eggs, key foods of a paleo diet” explains the dietician and nutritionist, Aina Huguet.

“In turn,” he adds, “a high intake of healthy fats is recommended which come mainly from olive oil, seeds and nuts. Now, as with most fad diets, includes recommendations and claims that lack sufficient evidence to make them or are not directly based on it. The problem is that, being aimed at the general population, it can incorporate habits and unhealthy eating behaviors being able to become harmful to health.


If this diet has caught your attention and you want to follow it, keep in mind the recommendations of Aina Huguet. Well realize that it is true that many ancestors survived. But… Under what conditions? Life expectancy was much lower and illnesses were the order of the day. In addition, these did not follow our food customs. It is known from various studies that suffered long fasts for late at night to share and enjoy what was collected throughout the day. Very different custom five foods that are recommended.

Benefits of the vegan paleo diet

The main advantage of the paleo vegan diet is its high in fruit and vegetables. Because its daily consumption involves a diet low in fat, salt and sugar. Perfect for reduce the risk of obesity and lose weight. In addition, reducing meat consumption, especially red meat, lowers the chances of suffer from cardiovascular diseases and risk of having colorectal cancer.

paleo vegan diet
vegan paleo recipe / source: pexels

“I would also like to highlight as positive the recommendation of egg consumption. The egg is an excellent food that contains proteins of high biological value, cholesterol, vitamins of the group A and B, minerals such as iron, fat and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D and E) and water soluble (B)” emphasizes the specialist.

In broad strokes, we can see that the paleo vegan diet has many benefits for our health. Although it should always be borne in mind that extremes are dangerous. It is an acceptable diet, as long as it is followed by experts and not on your own. and you? Would you like to recover the food of the Paleolithic society?