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We are going to a festival with Muwi La Rioja

We already have the poster with the complete list of the artists that will be part of the Muwi La Rioja Music Fest. A festival that aims to unite wine, music and DJs 25 to August 28. This year promises to be the best. Well, they bet on popular artists among the Spanish public of a wide range of ages and tastes. In addition to international artists such as the DJ David Van Bylen and nationals as the favorite of many Spaniards to represent in Eurovision, Rigoberta Bandini. Grab a pen and paper, we'll tell you everything about this festival.

A special edition

Muwi La Rioja Music Fest this year promised to be even more unforgettable. His poster is proclaimed as one of the best to date. Therefore, the organizers have chosen to contact the best. After proclaiming herself as one of the favorites to represent Spain in Eurovision, Rigoberta Bandini will be one of the artists who will perform at the Muwi La Rioja festival. Just like the famous group that has you in a loop with The End of the World, la la love you. Or the international DJ David Van Bylen, who is said to be "the man who turned national indie music in dance music".

A list of musicians that is completed with big names like: Leon Benavente, Lizard, The Strawberries, Nick, Rebels, Queen Movelore, Polish Girl, Maren, Da Silva Collective, Jordana B, Pin Pan Pum DiscYahaira, ME & Dj's, among many others. Without a doubt, an extensive poster that does not miss anyone.

international festival
complete poster of the MUVI La Rioja Music Fest /source: instagram user @ muwi_fest

We cannot forget that the protagonist of the festival is wine!

This display of artists cannot make us forget the good drink that goes with it: wine. On this occasion, the president of the Association of Hoteliers of the La Laurel Zone has assured that it is a good wine "selected exclusively for this edition, which perfectly synthesizes the spirit of the festival and that it is available in several establishments of the Laurel”. And it is that it was born not only as the best option to refresh and accompany all the attendees. But pretend to be the protagonist of the evening

For this, several wines have been chosen depending on the time you want to consume them. At night there will be an abundance of Crianza 100% Tempranillo, representing the night and festival authenticity. While for the day we have opted for a fresh white wine Viura 100%. A very thoughtful decision that has not forgotten the importance of its presentation. In this field, we have had the collaboration of TSMGO and Etilisa. The former have been in charge of the design of the packaging and the latter of the production of its final label.

Ricardo Moreno, director of TSMGO (The Show Must Go On, a branding consultancy that has developed and manages the brand image of the festival) has emphasized the importance of the choice of wines: “Muwi wine has become an iconic item, almost as recognizable as the poster”. Likewise, the general director of Etilista proudly assures that the entire production process was a challenge because incorporated highly complex techniques. However, they dealt with it gracefully.


This festival is going to give away thousands of experiences, we tell you where and when everything is going to happen so you won't miss anything!

Thursday: the Ravelin Walls.

Friday saturday and sunday: main and secondary stage at Bodegas Franco-Spanish, Sala de los Arcos and Viñas stage.

international festival
Franco-Spanish wineries /source: instagram user @ muwi_fest

close every day in Maldeamores stage.

In addition, as a novelty, this year all the stages will host the see Saturday's Muwi at the Laurel. This last stage is the novelty of the festival in 2022. Laurel Street has been transformed into an improvised stage. In which sessions will be held by Fran Rio Dj.

This evening will take place on last weekend of August, riding a Logrono, La Rioja. A weekend that claims to be unforgettable. Moreover, his fame from previous years has made him the main wine tourism event in enopolis and enoreregion. Are you going to this festival? who would you add to the poster?