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Partridge meat, unknown but tasty

La game or wild meat It is one of the delicacies that we can find in our gastronomy at the moment. At this time of year it is very common to find this type of product in many restaurants. Although the meat of wild animals is more protagonist in the regions of the center of the peninsula, and more specifically, in Castilla y Leon. The partridge meat is one of them although it is not as well known as the rabbit, for example. Here we show you everything you need to know about this tasty product!

Characteristics of the animal

The first thing you should know about the partridge is that it is not a bird, but a bird. In addition, this concept encompasses many species, very different, although in Spain only coexist two types of them. In any case, partridges are birds of medium-sized, galliform, terrestrial and that, unlike what you might think, they build their nests at ground level.

Red partridge. Source: fmcaza.es

In Spain there are only two species of partridge. The red-legged partridge It is the most common and abundant of them, in addition it is established throughout the the entire peninsula. On the other hand, gray partridge, much less frequent than the previous one, is always located in the Cantabrian coast and in the Pyrenees. It should be noted that the red partridge is somewhat larger than the gray partridge and, although they may look similar, it is easy to differentiate them by the color of the wings.

Properties of its meat

There is no doubt that partridge meat is one of the products of hunting more beneficial in terms of nutritional properties it means. The partridge is an animal with very Low fat and with lots of protein. Along with this, you are interested in knowing what a meat is low cholesterol. So consuming this type of food more often is a good way to eat less fat and helps you regulate cholesterol.


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La partridge meat, along with that of quail, there are two products healthy of our gastronomy, that is why they are in many recipes. The partridge meat is a fiber source, and due to its physiological characteristics, it is a type of meat that provides very few calories. In addition, it is a very nutritious food, since it contains essential amino acids.

You should know that the partridge has a strong and aromatic flavor, especially the red one. And when it comes to cooking, experts agree that the best pieces must have the pale, thick and tender meat. Therefore, it needs a lot of cooking to make it juicy.

What nutritional benefits does it have?

La partridge meat stands out for its high content in proteins, iron and Vitamin B6 and B3. Both vitamins appear in the process of transforming energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. So they are very beneficial for our nervous and immune systems.


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On the other hand, it is a great source of iron, and its high protein content allows us to keep our body in continuous development and growth. In addition, as we have already mentioned, the partridge meat es very tasty and versatile, so it can appear in a large number of your recipes.

Recipes with partridge meat

It has been easy to verify that it is very easy to integrate the partridge meat in many of our recipes. Although, undoubtedly one of the most recognizable dishes in which this product is the protagonist is the Pickled partridge. This preparation is perfect to take alone, or even as an aperitif. But, they can also be used for cooking stews or lentils, if you know how to add it in due course.

Pickled partridges. Source: recipesderechupete.com

Although pickled partridge is the dominant preparation for this type of meat, we can find countless recipes containing this product. Some examples of this can be:

  • Partridges stewed Toledo style with potatoes
  • Pickled partridge salad with pomegranate and honey vinaigrette
  • Partridge with beans and mushrooms

These are just three examples of the many elaborations that it has. Contrary to what you might think, it is not only tasty, it is also very beneficial for our body and usable in any of our recipes.

Partridge meat
Partridges a la Toledo / Source: recipesderechupete.com

Where can you get it?

Before it was very difficult to find and be able to enjoy this type of meat in our homes. It was only accessible to the hunters themselves or their closest relatives. But right now it is easy to find it in our closest supermarkets and at a fairly affordable price.

So now that you know the secrets of the partridge meat, in addition to all its properties and benefits. Nothing prevents you from adding this product to your regular diet. Go ahead and enjoy!