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Hunting and bushmeat time

Writes: Luis Carbajal (@ lroberto92)

The autumn season begins and with it, also that of wild meat. All species are subject to certain regulations according to each region and when it is possible to hunt. The Interprofessional Game Meat Association (ASICCAZAhas been developing a program that encourages the knowledge and consumption of these species. It is financed by the European Union. In the old continent, the stock of animals year after year shows the better sustainability with which it is managed. Learn more about this type of meat here.

Main features

It is one of the greatest gastronomic pleasures for its aromas and flavors, but also because they contain good protein and vitamin sources, although they are not exempt from food risks. Like biological pollutants or toxic substances in the environment. One of the main characteristics is its organoleptic properties, since they present greater firmness and are softened in the case of the farm raised game, since food plays a decisive role. The red it is darker, which intensifies with age, the smell of the countryside and the more pronounced flavor. Thus causing, at times, a unpleasant taste if the animal was excessively exhausted.

Nutritional composition

It is highly variable and depends on the species according to its sex, age and type of diet. Wild meat contains less fat, that is why the proteins. Your contribution in relation to Vitamin B it is similar to the meat of abasto. It is characterized by having a high content of iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium being the choice to combat anemia in some people.

Classification of wild meat

The traditional classification differs in wild game hair, which in turn differs in hunting Most (wild boar and deer) or game less (hare and rabbit); and depending on the habitat, where a distinction is made between hunting pen (land: dove and quail), mountain or water (Wild duck). In Europe hunting is regulated and is a tradition at the start of the hunting season. autumn.