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Spanish pig in China, in danger?

If there is an animal whose meat is known around the world it is the pig. Its derivatives are distributed throughout the planet. And, they are admired by young and old. its versatility, flavor y characteristics make it a product present in all cultures. It is not to belittle the presence of the spanish pig in china. Which has experienced growth in its presence in recent years. Are you interested in knowing what the causes of this boom? They will surely surprise you and reinforce your taste for Spanish food par excellence.

Small fall of the Spanish pig in China

Chinese customs data shows some data somewhat worrying. And it is that, imports of meat and meat offal reached almost half a million tons. A figure that represents a small decrease compared to June 2020. This is because the Spanish exports they reached their peak at the end of that same year. When in November they exceeded a value of 400 millones de euros.

These data are due to the fact that the Chinese economy in this sector is recovering. After two years ago a swine fever epidemic will strike the eastern country. Which made the Prices soar and the number of imports. But, this situation is beginning to be reversed and little by little it returns to a certain normal. Which worries the pork exporting countries. Between them, as is obvious, Spain.

Spanish pig in China
Iberian Ham. Source: monteregio.com (pinterest.com)

The downward trend of the Spanish pig in China

Exports from Spain to China have grown exponentially between 2018 and 2020. You could say that Chinese pork exports started to skyrocket in 2019. Due to the effect on the sector of outbreaks of swine fever, previously mentioned. Which caused an extreme reduction of the cabin. However, there is no doubt that the trend it is being reversed. Especially throughout this year. And, especially during the last months.

But, the director of ICEX in Beijing, Carlos Tortola he is confident. Since, although there is a some fall, Spain is still the first supplier from pigs to China. But, the problem comes as a result of that small decrease. For the more China's pork production grows, the price from the local pig decreases considerably.


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New consumer habits

Among the Chinese inhabitants there is a biggest concern for eating healthy. Coupled with this, the progressive aging it would affect meat consumption even more in the future. This is because small changes are beginning to occur in the hábitos de consumo. And it is that, according to a report from the Ministry of Agriculture of China, the consumption of pork will decrease over time. Specifically, 0,5% in the consumption of meat per capita at home. For every 1% increase in the proportion of people with more than 60 years in the family.

So, after all, it's news pretty devastating for the meat sector. Especially if the last Chinese census of this year is consulted. According to which those over 65 already account for almost the 14% of the population. In addition, some changes have also been detected in Chinese consumption. Where there is a greater interest in reduce pig consumption and enjoy a diet varied. Having more in terms of healthy products. And, leaving aside, therefore, pork and its derivatives.

Spanish pig in China
Iberian Ham. Source:

Strong competition

A few other problems could be added to the problems of changes in consumption. But, the one that stands out the most is the strong competition of new emerging countries in the sector. Among which stands out Brazil, which offers much lower prices. And, it also has great ambitions in the Chinese market. However, Spain has great advantages. As for example its large biosafety stockings and hygiene.

Although, the truth is that the best thing is that the Chinese have in high esteem to the Spanish product. In fact, they think they are from extreme quality. And, it is possible that Iberian meat and sausage are the Favorites of eastern consumers. Which are characterized by having a fairly high purchasing power.

Did you know the problems of spanish pig in china? In recent times he is facing a series of adversities. But, the sector is in charge of solving them little by little. And, you, who have the advantage of being able to enjoy the swine meat whenever you want, what are you waiting for? Come to your trusted supermarket and ... get the best piece!