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Aged meat, for or against?

Beef dry aged, also called overripe or overripe, It has become fashionable now in countries like the United States, despite the fact that it has already existed in Spain for about ten years. Its juiciness, tenderness and flavor make this food more popular every day. But… is it safe? Today we tell you.

What is matured meat?

The main characteristic of matured meat is that comes from cows and oxen over four years. Likewise, it is also characterized by being subjected to a maturation process in a specific cold room. It is also regulated under exhaustive temperature, humidity and bacteriological parameters. 

The goal of this is for the meat to earn enough tenderness and juiciness. Likewise, throughout this process, called dry aged, there is no fermentation, unlike most other traditional meats.

Matured meat
Dry aged, overripe or overripe beef | Source: Saia.es

What is the problem with overripe meat?

Having been in society for a short time, this type of meat has hardly been studied. A circumstance that causes the lack of unanimity on its quality among specialists or professionals and that arouses skepticism among the most critical. 

Currently, what is known, above all, is that for beef dry aged is ideal, in its creation process, it must have the highest possible humidity without causing the meat to deteriorate.

Matured meat
Cows grazing in the field | Source: Carnedeguadarrama.com

Similarly, if you want to distinguish a matured meat from another that is not, just look at the price, since with the naked eye it is almost impossible to distinguish between them. And you, would you dare to try this type of meat so tasty? Had you heard before the term dry aged?