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I am a journalism student at the Rey Juan Carlos University. Passionate about sports and very interested in the gastronomic sector, I want to develop my skills by showing the main products of Spanish gastronomy.

Yellow and green kiwi, different but the same

Both the yellow and green kiwi are fruits with great nutritional contribution. Both have differences but they have a delicious flavor. Find out!

Robot waiters, the future of service?

Robot waiters are a bet on innovation. Their agility and good performance are making them a perfect option. Discover them!

La Serena cheese, the secret of raw milk

La Serena cheese is a very particular one that also has a PDO. Its unusual production method gives it a spectacular flavor. Find out!

Carnival ears, the most human dessert

Carnival ears are one of the great sweets of this holiday of the year. In addition, their shape gives them a very peculiar appearance. Find out what they are like!

The healthiest sliced ​​bread on the market

This product is common in our pantries. But to enjoy the healthiest sliced ​​bread on the market, you must know its characteristics. Find out!

How to drink beer, the pursuit of enjoyment

In how to drink beer is the secret to enjoy it. To know it, you must know what is the best way to serve it. Discover everything here!

Alcampo's best prepared dishes

Alcampo puts at your disposal its best prepared dishes. Its menu is able to satisfy your needs in a minimum cooking time. Find out!

Bitcoin came, bet on the future?

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity and Bitcoin wine is a good example of this for its novelty and investment that allows you to find out!

Coffee in bags, pleasure in innovative doses

Coffee bags are here to stay. Their advantages and ease of consumption make them an excellent option. Discover them here!

Gastronomy of Cantabria: the versatility of the north

The gastronomy of Cantabria is one of the most varied in Spain. Its wide range of products from the sea and the mountains differentiate it.Discover everything here!