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I am a journalism student at the Rey Juan Carlos University. Passionate about sports and very interested in the gastronomic sector, I want to develop my skills by showing the main products of Spanish gastronomy.

Carrefour's best prepared dishes

Carrefour offers a wide range of ready meals. Their quality and price make them attractive to enjoy. Discover the best here!

Low alcohol drinks, the advantages of the quiet glass

Low alcohol drinks have experienced a curious boom in popularity. In addition, the Pernod Ricard group has launched two of them. Find out more here!

Montes de Toledo oil, the secret of early harvesting

Montes de Toledo oil with PDO has a peculiarity in the harvest of its Cornicabra olive that makes it special. Find out more here!

Partridge meat, unknown but tasty

Partridge meat is a great seasonal product that is not used as much as other game products. It has many possibilities and very good flavor. Discover it here!

Artichoke from Benicarló, the dimple of the Valencian garden

The Benicarló artichoke has a PDO for its qualities and because it is grown in a privileged region of the Mediterranean. Discover it here!

Information on allergens in restaurants, is it true?

Information on allergens must be present on the menu of all restaurants. We reveal if this is respected or not with a study