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Yellow and green kiwi, different but the same

It is undoubtedly one of the  best fruits that you will be able to find in the market. In fact, Spain is the European country where it is most consumed. Do you know what food it is? Its origin comes from Nibujon and its nutritional properties make a large part of consumers try it as if it were a medicine. In effect, it is the yellow and green kiwi. Both types have similar characteristics, but then you will be able to check their individual differences and qualities. Are you ready to get to know this fruit delicacy? Adelante!

Origin of the yellow and green kiwi

When you hear the name of this fruit, the first country that surely comes to mind is New Zealand. But, its real origin is from China. Despite this, it was the New Zealanders who baptized the kiwi with the name with which we know it in 1959. And it is that, at first, the inhabitants of the country of the oceanic continent referred to this product as Chinese gooseberry. Which, in reality, is the name of the bird that serves as the national symbol of its country.

In fact, New Zealanders are popularly known as kiwis for this unique and charming reason. It should be noted that the kiwi arrived in Spain in 1982, spreading its consumption throughout the national territory, but with more prominence in the Galician area.

Yellow and green kiwi
Green kiwis / Source: pinterest.com

Differences between yellow and green kiwi

You might think that all types of this fruit are the same, but this is not the reality. There are more than 60 species, all belonging to the same plant, actidin. But, as you already know the yellow and green kiwi are two most widespread varieties by the Spanish geography.

Now you will be able to know what the characteristics of each of them are. Although you must remember that choosing one or the other will always depend on your personal taste. Furthermore, it is important to note that green is the most common in our daily purchases.


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Yellow kiwi

You sure know this guy as Golden. This has a sweet flavor that, without a doubt, can remind us of its tropical origins. In addition, this variant of the kiwi is characterized by keeping all its properties intact, in addition to being perfect for diabetics for its little amount of sugar.

Also, the shape of the Golden is somewhat more elongated, with an upper end in the shape of Crown. Even their skin tends to have a brown tone something clearer and also smoother compared to its green namesake. Finally, inside, it presents a golden pulp with small red or black seeds.

Yellow and green kiwiGreen kiwi

This variety is also known as delicious actidin. And, although it has the same nutritional properties as yellow, its flavor is a bit more bitter, especially if it has not been allowed to mature enough. You should know that the skin of the green kiwi is rougher and darker. Even meat also varies in its texture although it is not perceived as much. Hence this green fruit is can peel and slice easily as it is more whole than that of the yellow kiwi.

Nutritional properties

Although the differences between the yellow and green kiwi they are quite spacious in terms of appearance and taste, your payroll benefits that they offer to our organism is quite similar. And, although it is popularly known for its ability to combat constipation, this fruit has many positive points for our health.

It is one of the most complete fruits, it contains almost twice as much Vitamin C than an orange, and much more Vitamin E than an avocado. Along with this, it also provides Vitamin A, mineral salts, magnesium and phosphorus. Not forgetting its high concentration of fiber, which is what helps against constipation and cholesterol. But its positive aspects do not end there, kiwi is rich in Antioxidants, which prevents premature aging of the skin.

To top it off, both yellow and green kiwi strengthen the immune system, promoting the production of red and white blood cells. In addition, the few calories it contains, only 63 every 100 grams, come from its sugar content, which gives it a sweet and delicious taste.


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Growing conditions

El yellow and green kiwi should be planted in areas of mild weather, since its nature is subtropical, due to the part of the planet from which they come. Along with this, it is important that you are protected from strong winds that alter the anchoring of the tree, as well as the bee activity. The optimum temperature for its cultivation is around 25 degrees. You must recognize when the fruit is already ripe to be able to enjoy everything its splendor. This is so because otherwise, it loses all its sweetness and is spoiled by a bitterness that is not pleasant to the palate.

Yellow and green kiwi
Kiwis in the ripening process / Source: youtube.com

Now you know all the positive aspects that kiwi can bring to your life. In addition, its great ability to adapt to certain recipes, such as the Leek cream with yellow kiwi, makes you can include it in your diet on a regular basis. Are you willing to give this sweet fruit a try? Cheer up!