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Prince Charles's gin: 'Highgrove Gin'

Charles of England, son of Queen Elizabeth II, has shown a vocation for nature for years and the defense of the environment has become one of the causes in which he is most involved. A proof of this is its own bottle, the prince charles gin, Which is organic and produces it with herbs harvested from his Highgrove garden. A new distillate related to royalty that they define as "classic, but with a wild element." Do you want to know how it is made? We tell you

From the gardens of Prince Charles

'Highgrove Gin', which is the name of Carlos de Inglaterra's gin, was born in his Gloucestershire country residence -about 170 km from London-. It is a farm with an incredible garden, which is full of different plants carefully selected by botanical experts. Juniper, citrus and top notes of lemon, thyme and rosemary from the garden itself give the liquor a special aroma. Added to this are rare and organic grains also collected on the prince's grounds.

To make the gin, Prince Charles had the help of the distiller Cory Mason, The Oxford Artisan Distillery, the UK's first organic distillery. Mason traveled to Highgrove in search of inspiration to select ingredients with which to make the drink. «It is traditional, elegant, refined, but with complex herbal notes from a traditional English garden«, Declared the prestigious distiller.

Throughout the entire process, Carlos de Inglaterra has been the main taster for months, tasting the different flavor profiles. Until they managed to create the perfect combination to market.

"A truly majestic creation"

Fortnum & Mason is the brand in charge of marketing the product. From the company they point out that it is a drink full of elegance with an unbeatable mix of flavors. “Herbal botanical complexes add layers that give it an elegant aroma and flavor. A truly majestic creation inspired by The Royal Gardens at Highgrove«, They point out on their website.

The drink of the heir to the throne has 40 degrees of alcohol and is sold for £ 39,95 (about 34 euros, approximately) in the Fortnum & Mason website. The proceeds will go to Prince of Wales Charity Fund, which supports education, social inclusion, the environment, health and well-being.

Gin of Prince Charles
Highgrove Gin | Photo: Fortnum & Mason

Other creations of Prince Charles

It is not the first time that the heir to the British throne has embarked on the creation of a product with the harvests of his plantations. Years ago he marketed organic and natural honey, made with the beehives in their gardens. In the UK it became a hit.

On another occasion, he bottled fresh juices with apples grown in Highgrove Gardens. Carlos of England went out of his way to preserve some of the rarest types of apple tree, to which he added the possibility of selling products made with its fruits. In this way, he put on sale a juice that could only be bought by tourists in the Highgrove store.

Gin predilection among British royalty

But Prince Charles's gin is not the first of the British royal family. And it is that in the English royalty there has always been a predilection for this drink, so Queen Elizabeth II decided to launch her own: 'Buckingham Palace Gin'.

The distillate is composed of Botanicals from Buckingham Palace Gardens. An exclusive gin with a royal label "infused with citrus and herbal notes," according to a spokesperson for The Royal Collection Trust.

Some of the extracts selected for the composition of the gin are lemon verbena, hawthorn berries, bay leaves and mulberry. And it is that the sovereign wanted the ingredients to be related to the history of the Crown and "the mulberry plantation became popular in England during the reign of Jaime I," explains a spokesman for The Royal Collection Trust.

Gin of Queen Elizabeth II
Buckingham Palace Gin | Photo: Royal Collection Shop

'Buckingham Palace Gin' is presented at semi-transparent bottles and turquoise shades, with a quantity of 70 centiliters. It can be purchased through the Royal Collecton official website for 44 euros. The proceeds will go to the 'Royal Collection Trust' foundation, which cares for and exhibits the large collection of personal belongings of the royal family.

It seems that after all the talk about gin I feel like having a gin and tonic. Not to you? If you decide, dare to discover a new one and taste the exclusive gin of the Prince carlos. Although if you prefer, you can also take  gin without alcoholl.