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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde create the perfect gin and tonic

The market surprises us again with a new merger. This time literature and drink come together to create the perfect gin and tonic. A cocktail 100% 'made in Spain' that does not leave you indifferent for its striking color, characteristic packaging and, of course, its explosion of flavor. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a risky proposal that shows that in the world of this drink it wasn't all made up.

The strange case of gin tonic property

In the words of its creators, Mr. Hyde is «a premium blue gin, made with meltwater from the Sierra Nevada and 33 botanicals ». Its base is cereal alcohol, which is distilled five times, in the style small, in a copper alembic from the year 1920 and its graduation is 40 º. Among the botanicals used to create its organoleptic complexity are juniper, coriander, orris root, grapefruit, nutmeg or wild chamomile. «A unique liquid, loaded with floral aromas, with citrus touches on the palate which are offset by spicy notes of mint and anise and a soft, light, unctuous and fresh touch at the same time ”, they assure.

Briefcase of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Briefcase of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde / Photo provided by its creators

On the other hand, we find Dr Jekyll, "a pink tonic with spicy base and five aromatics', which has been created for the sole purpose of complementing Mr. Hyde. The base is a classic tonic, to which they incorporate the aromatics that emphasize, by affinity or by contrast, the botanicals of the Geneva. "The lemongrass enhances the citrus notes of lemon, orange and grapefruit; the chili awakens the white, pink and black peppers; violet accentuates floral aromas; the cardamom joins the red fruits and the raspberry helps to achieve the perfect balance between the acidity, the alcohol and the bitterness of the tonic ”, detail its manufacturers.

These drinks have been exclusively designed to be enjoyed together. When combining them we obtain a smooth gin and tonic of violet color that "combines in a single drink the five flavors present on the palate: sweet, bitter, acid, salty and umami". The mix does not need any more decorations or accessories.


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The story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The name chosen for these drinks has not been random, there is a story behind. The writer Robert Luis Stevenson published in 1886 the novel entitled The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (in English Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde). The story reflects the complexity of the human being and his duality between good and evil.

A representation of Dissociative Identity Disorder, with which a person may have several opposite personalities. Dr. Jekyll is a scientist who manages to develop a potion that is capable of separating the kind part of the person from the maleficent. When he drinks it, Jekyll becomes Mr. Hyde, a criminal capable of committing any crime.

Taking as an idea the concoction of Dr. Jekyll and his laboratory, the flask shaped bottlesand an unique and original packaging which, according to the designers, has not been easy to manufacture. Small portraits of the protagonists of the English novel are engraved on the glass; and fonts with black, white and gold tones.

Dr. Jekyll tonic and Mr. Hyde gin
Dr. Jekyll tonic and Mr. Hyde gin / Photo courtesy of its creators

A gin tonic 100% spanish

The project was born in Spain six years ago and this is where both products are produced. The gin is in charge of a century-old distillery in Granada, while the tonic is produced in Valencia.

Launching this innovative combination on the market is a dream for its creators, in which they assure that "various talents have participated: from a world-renowned designer to a Golden Nose", who has been responsible for making this Unique recipe after trying 80 different formulations.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde They will be available in stores, venues and events in 2021, but while units are sold out, they can be purchased online in a briefcase containing a bottle of gin, six of tonic, and a meter in the shape of a beaker; and a booklet, winner of a Laus design award, chronicling the strange case of the perfect gin and tonic.

The price is 69€ and can be purchased exclusively through the website of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Drinks. Tired of always trying the same combinations? Dare to something new and enjoy a glass of purple gin and tonic.