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Yerba mate, that River Plate passion

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Writes: Laura Litvin (@laulitvin)

It is not necessary to have traveled to Buenos Aires or Montevideo to recognize a mate lover. In any city in the world for sure there is an Argentine or a Uruguayan walking with the hot water heater under his arm and the matt in the hand. Is that the yerba and mate, that ancestral ceremony, that great invention that brings together family and friends around the table or around the fire, is present in most of the homes in this region of South America.

What are the secrets what are they doing bitter infusion has become an icon of these latitudes? Let's go in parts:

Of course, it is a very old cultural practice: the Guarani, original peoples of the Argentine coast, were already taking this infusion long before the Spanish and Portuguese arrived. They prepared a fundamental stimulating food for them known as "Caá-Mati".

The Jesuits promoted its cultivation and the custom spread throughout the country. Today the Argentina is the world's leading producer of Mate. It is grown only in Missions and northeast of currents for its red soils and hot climate.

Among its benefits, it is known to be a great antioxidant, energizing and helps fight bad cholesterol.

Every taker follows their rules - purists take it at mate gourd, bitter and heating the water to 90º C and pouring it over the Herb, without wetting it all at once. The standards indicate that the primer must share the mate with the whole wheel, one at a time. Of course, then there are the variants: with and without sugar, with honey, with orange peels, with wild herbs, with coffee and much more.

What is yerba mate?

It is a tree (Ilex paraguariensis) forest native or subtropical rainforest of South America. It is found in the aforementioned provinces of Argentina, riding a Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. The process to obtain this magic powder can be divided into two stages.

The first one that goes from the green harvest to its parking lot. The last stage begins in the mill until the various presentations of Herb matt to consume.

The yerba mate route

This road leads travelers through the north of Corrientes and Misiones. Artisan, ecological and industrial establishments are visited, in which the complete production process can be known.

You can know the extensive plantations going through the harvest, drying, milling and packaging of the final product. The visitor will be able to carry out herb tastings -traditional, organic, only leaf, among others-, discover its We take care of your rental property in Valencia. and learn all aspects of the “mate ceremony”.

In addition, this route connects with attractions of the area, including the waterfalls of the Iguazu. Also the Moconá falls and the Jesuit-Guarani Missions, declared a World Heritage Site (in Misiones). As well as with the Esteros del Iberá (in Corrientes). It is worth the visit and try the yerba mate.