Home News Drinking coffee helps keep blood pressure low.

Drinking coffee helps keep blood pressure low.

After studies carried out by experts from the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences of the University of Bologna, it has been concluded that drinking coffee helps keep blood pressure low. Also, several researchers from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Copenhagen carried out another study, in which it was proven that if coffee is combined with milk, it has anti-inflammatory effects.

Another study carried out by Jacobs University in Germany reports that consuming filtered coffee regularly could have had protection against COVID-19. Coffee has chlorogenic acid, this element prevents the interaction and coupling of the virus in human cells.

Returning to the results of the study from the University of Bologna, the results confirm the positive effects of the drink. The blood pressure of people who consume coffee regularly reduces blood pressure and the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The study consisted of a survey of an Italian population group made up of about one thousand four hundred people. The relationship between coffee consumption and the parameters of central blood pressure and peripheral blood pressure was analyzed.

Is caffeine the most relevant component of coffee?

Over the years, the urban legend spread that coffee abuse had negative health consequences. Studies carried out in recent years deny this hoax, since in addition to the benefits mentioned, others stand out, such as: reducing the risk of suffering from certain neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, liver diseases, etc. Italian experts state that the role of caffeine is not directly related to these positive effects. According to his explanation, caffeine is one of the many elements in coffee, so it is not the only substance that plays an active role. Caffeine can increase blood pressure, but other elements in coffee counteract its effect, resulting in positive blood pressure levels.


After the comparisons made in the study between blood pressure levels and coffee consumption habits, the results confirm that people who consume one to three cups of coffee a day have a lower peripheral blood pressure than people who consume one to three cups of coffee a day. they don't drink coffee. In addition, similar results could also be observed in central aortic pressure.

In conclusion, the results seem to confirm that drinking coffee regularly and moderately has positive effects and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.