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'Enoqueso' in Bogeda Carabal

We want to present you a different activity and with a special taste for all of us who are wine and cheese lovers. The Ribera del Guadiana Wine Route proposes an activity called "Enoqueso at Bodega Carabal". It is based on a theoretical-practical lesson of the two fundamental pillars in the gastronomy of Estremadura: cheese and wine.

During this Saturday, November 10, the Ribera del Guadiana Wine Route in the activities of the second edition of «The colors of the vintage». It will be framed in the celebration of European Wine Tourism Day.

It will be an unforgettable experience, because in it you will discover the process for making wine in the Carabal winery. In addition to all the secrets for the creation of Extremadura cheeses, the best of Spain. Who knows a little wine or cheese will know that Estremadura It is very famous for producing some of the best. Those of goat and sheep are the maximum exponents.

Inside Carabal winery

Bodega Carabal hosts this activity

The event will begin at 11 a.m. at the Carabal winery, which is located specifically in the Cáceres town of Alia (Crtra. Alía a Castilblanco, Km10). It is an original space where its innovative and avant-garde architecture stands out.

The event will end with a great tasting of four wines from the winery. They will be accompanied by a different type of Extremadura cheese from the DOP Torta del Casar. Thus, it is intended to demonstrate the great gastronomic qualities that it possesses Estremadura.

If you want more information you can ask on our social networks. Also in the number of Bodega Carabal phone number: 676988344. Or you can from the landline of the Ribera del Guadiana Wine Route Office: +34 924666967.

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