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Victoria beer, the beer that marks the way to Spain

He 'signing 'unexpected of the Spanish team to play this Euro 2021 He is not one of the men that fans wanted to see on Luis Enrique's squad list. It really has nothing to do with sport, except that its name fits perfectly with the intention that Spain has in this European championship. The Victoria beer is a new sponsor of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. How is this beer, the first official of The Red?

The cane of Spain and Malaga

La Victoria beer It is produced by a Malaga company that is now joining the path to success sought by the Spanish team. Although the brewing firm also sponsors the women's national team. This was made official on June 2. Now, in full Euro2021 It is time to remember this link because La Roja need to win their next group stage matches.

Victoria beer
The footballers Koke and Sarabia throwing a cane / Photo: @cervezasvictoria

And there is no better company for you than this official beer for you to enjoy while watching those duels. It is not only the cane from Spain, recalling this popular expression, it is also the Malaga cane. It has gained great popularity in the city of the Costa del Sol, since 1928. His first factory was built in the El Perchel neighborhood. For years, Victoria beer has captivated the people of Malaga with its slogan «exquisite and malagueña«.

Its name comes from the day of the inauguration of its first facilities: the Day of the Virgen de la Victoria, patron saint of Malaga. As one of the pioneering beers of the Spanish south, she was also inspired by an iconic famous person of the time. Without names or surnames, it was the typical German tourist who traveled to the Andalusian coastal city for the summer, wearing his 'boater' hat. It was the tourist boom of the 60s that made the Victory German in symbol of the brewery.

This is how Victoria beer tastes

"We are convinced that the path we have started will lead us to have greater visibility and will help Malaga to have a presence in the National Team", assured the person in charge of Institutional Relations at Cervezas Victoria. Serge Ragel. But how is this official beer from La Roja?

With a lot of Malaga character, we talk about a drink balanced and refreshing in body and aroma. Pale yellow in color, its foam of fine, white and bright bubbles stand out when served. Your process maturation is slow, something that fits very well with Luis Enrique's Spain style of play. Each play matures with touches and more touches until looking for the goal. Well, this Malaga beer also has an alleged aging process: 12 days minimum. Contains a 4,8% of alcohol.

Enjoy the Euro Cup drinking Victoria beer (and eating Canarian bananas), which is sold in different formats, from the bottle to the can. You can also choose the style Pilsen, the Alcohol-free, the Long Steps (with lemon), the Marengo (black) or the Malacati (wheat). Which one do you fancy the most? Long live Spain and long live Malaga!