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The most expensive bread in the world, what a relic!

El pan it is an essential element to feed us for centuries. It cannot be missing on the table and in any bakery in the world you can find it in many types and forms, from baguettes, through ciabatta breads, to the typical traditional bars. But do you know of any bakery where they sell bread with gold? with plata? and with flowers? And with all these elements together? This bread exists and is the most expensive bread in the world. He is Spanish and is in a bakery in Málaga.

The bread from the Piña bakery

This bread we are talking about belongs to a now known Malaga bakery. His name is bakery Pineapple and their owners are John Manuel Moreno And his wife, Manuela Pina.

Creator of the most expensive bread in the world | Source: @panalgatocin

Tired of traditional bread and eager to innovate, they began to create breads of various kinds and prices. They started by creating a 117 euro gold leaf, then one of gold and silver of 148 euros, and later one of 98 euro silver. Finally, before creating their great innovation of € 1.380, they created a Gold leaf in 3D with a price of 192 €. Therefore, the 5 most expensive breads in the world belong to this bakery of Algatocin, a town in the Sierra de Málaga of about 780 inhabitants.

What their clients and not themselves expected, is that after the success of their brilliant breads, they would create one of nothing more and nothing less than 1.380€ and that they would be sold almost 100 loaves in 2020. Thanks to their loaf of flowers, gold and silver, powdered, flaked, and small edible pieces, these two bakers, along with their eight workers, have won 142.000€. Although, as Moreno himself has stated, it also costs him a lot of money to produce it, approximately € 900 per bread.

Fortunately, the pandemic has not made a dent in the company. In fact, the Malaga bakery has multiplied sales, even selling less. The coronavirus crisis has caused the sales of this bread to grow unexpectedly. Among his clients are Russians, Arabs and some other average Spanish that you don't want to die without trying the exclusive piece. Although as in any bakery, his oven continues to turn on every day creating simple loaves to sell to his customers at a price of 1,50€.

Pan with gold and silver | Source: @panalgatocin

How did an idea like this come about?

All is marketing And although in a bread of such caliber the key is to attract attention, this idea emerged at a specific and ideal moment for your small business. Moreno, 46, has declared to the media business insider that “the idea came up in August 2013 while I was handing out a 3 euro bread in a store good gourmet food from Alhaurín de la Torre, in Malaga, where they had the most expensive coffee in the world”. At that moment he thought that if that cafeteria sold the most expensive coffee in the world, why would they be less. So he decided to get down to work and create that bread, a work of art.

This bakery has already received several awards. The first was in 2017, which received the award for the best bakery in Spain in Innovation. Later, a year later, he received a star in the Spanish Route of Good Bread 2018And as if this were not enough, the following year he received a call in which he was informed that he had been awarded in the Tampa fair in Floridaand best bread in the world in 2020. Act, which could not be celebrated due to COVID-19.

But the ambition always goes to more, therefore, this company with its profits, has now bought some land in Estepona, Marbella, in which it plans to install a factory of about 2 million euros. The purpose of settling in this area is purely strategic, since it is known for the high purchasing power of some of its neighbors.

Pineapple Bread Bakery Logo | Source: Facebook of Juan Manuel Moreno Pacheco

This amazing bread is worth seeing, and if possible eating. At least once in your life, if possible, you cannot miss the opportunity to taste this delicacy. Taste the taste of gold and silver on your own palate or give it to someone very special.