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Good year to eat sardines, why?

Few know that the name of this blue Fish comes from what was frequently eaten on the Italian island of Sardinia. This delicacy so popular all over the Mediterranean coast and that is part of his rich diet, it seems that this year it will be more frequent. The brotherhoods of Spain and Portugal They have asked to double their catches by observing their great recovery. The campaign, which usually begins on May 1 and lasts until October, has served to have those good feelings. But do you know why you should eat sardines? We will tell you!

Recovery of horse mackerel and anchovy

Although not with the same amount, it seems that it also recovers, thanks to the good resource management, anchovy and mackerel. Oily fish tend to be caught more frequently in hot months due to the higher amount of phytoplankton. With increasing temperatures in the water, this organism develops more and the fish rise to the surface to feed on it.

It is in these months where it tends to accumulate, due to its large intake, the greatest amount of fat in these species and this gives it its large amount its bright blue color. The allowed fishing size is 11 to 25 cm and usually reach the market with a measure of 15 cm when the sardine is two years old.

Eat sardines for their nutrients

En Spain they consume something more than 40 kg per person and year. This data is surpassed only by Portugal that exceeds 50 Kg. The nutritional value of the sardine and, in general, of all blue fish, it is marked by the capture time. It is in summer where the fat level of the fish is higher, being a great contribution of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3. Although it has some saturated fats, they are in very low levels.

Blue fish has a fat content greater than 7%, unlike white fish, which does not exceed 1%. They provide us with minerals such as selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, iron, zinc and calcium, as well as vitamins of group A and D. They also provide us with a 20% protein of very good quality.

The great contribution of fats Omega-3 make this product a very interesting food for our cardiovascular health. Because they regulate the metabolism of fats, helping to regulate bad cholesterol, as well as blood pressure. They also manage to strengthen the immune system.

It's advisable eat sardines (or other blue fish) two or three times a week, in the case of adults. Also in the case of children, consumption is recommended in at least a weekly meal, being able to introduce it gradually from ten to twelve months. In the case of sardines, anchovies and horse mackerel, eating them is recommended compared to Fish larger that have levels of higher heavy metals. Although it is a very healthy food, its excessive consumption should be watched by all people with a level of high uric acid.

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Sardine skewers, a delight in Malaga

In gastronomy: famous espetos

It is a very common fish throughout the coast and in its gastronomy. It is also so in all interior areas since the cold in transport has spread. It is in these areas where formerly the sardines arrived salted and that is currently part of the daily diet.

Due to its nutritional quality, its gastronomic interest and also for his Reasonable price It can be part of many tables in the country. A way to eat fish and diversify our diet. We can consume it in many recipes from the simplest to the ember even with rice, salads, pickled, garlic, fried, baked ... Although if you want eat sardines really, the most authentic ones cooked in the beach bars or restaurants near the beach, nothing better than going to Málaga. There they prepare some skewers which are the delight of the province.

Although this time we want to share with you a recipe something different to try to innovate with this rich marine delicacy whose season of fishery it is in splendor now.

Mexican sardines

A simple, easy, different and fun recipe for two.

1-You must take two ripe tomatoes, a little coriander and a sweet onion. Chop into small portions and add a pinch of salt.

2-Chop 4-6 sardines depending on the size and fry in a pan for 4-5 minutes.

3- After this time, add the chopped vegetables to the pan for two minutes.

4- Remove from the heat and serve in a strong, along with some corn tortillas to eat together.

This recipe is a good option if we have fried sardines from previous days, we can chop them and reheat them together with the vegetables. Optionally, it can be served with hot chili peppers. We leave that to your most personal taste. Eat sardines it is a very healthy way to add fish and even varieties to the usual diet!