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No appetite for plantbased meat

The crisis of the planted-based sector arrives. All after the announcement of layoffs at Beyond Meat and the collapse of its price.

Beyond Meat and the new Mc Plant

McDonald's teams up with Beyond Meat in pursuit of a plant-based burger. It will be called McPlant and will be available to...

Differences between alternative and real meat

The differences between alternative and real meat are palpable. It is important that we familiarize ourselves with it in a world where...

Chicken-free burritos, the latest in plant-based foods

The Spanish company Green&Great presents its new product, burritos without chicken, which adds to a diverse catalog of vegetable foods.

Alternatives to the beef burger

The alternatives to the meat burger are increasingly groundbreaking. Print a hamburger in a laboratory and other options are possible.

Lidl's Next Level Burger is passionate

A new vegan burger has landed in the German chain with great demand and reception. Find out here why Lidl's Next Level Burger is a success.