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Differences between alternative and real meat

Our differences between alternative and real meat they are palpable. It is important that we become familiar with it in a world where they are increasingly present. We must know how to choose them under our own criteria. Do you know how they differ nutritionally? What role does price play in its adoption? Let's proceed to resolve all these issues.

An overpopulated planet?

El World Economic Forum estimates that the human population of the earth will reach ten billion in 2050. Faced with such a scenario, they suggest that per capita meat consumption will have to be reduced. More than anything because there won't be space or resources to feed so many animals. Today, with almost eight billion, we consumed a whopping 250.000 animals per minute according to the same forum. It is these concerns that have triggered the rise of plant-based diets.

A few companies have taken advantage of the trend to offer meat substitutes. These have been welcomed by many, however they raise certain concerns among potential consumers. One of the most importants differences between alternative and real meat is flavor. This will mark that the public choose or reject them. Today you can find practically everything.

Many of the grocery store alternatives may not taste the same, which puts a lot of people back. On the other hand, for a few more euros you have access to brands, such as Beyond Meat, recognized for their similarity to meat. And this is another factor to keep in mind: the price. Currently the companies that offer these foods are in an advantageous position. They try to obtain the maximum benefit by taking advantage of the less competition compared to the traditional meat.

Beyond meat / differences between alternative and real meat
Beyond meat. Source: Amazon

They also need a strong capitale injections if they intend to continue expanding at the same rate. Most likely, prices will drop as new brands enter the market. The competition will be greater as it happens with the veal or the chicken of a lifetime.

Differences between alternative and real meat: nutrition

Another fundamental difference between alternative meat and real meat is nutrition. This is the issue that most concerns people who are considering reducing or eliminating their meat consumption. In the first place, we must not forget that alterative flesh is still a ultra-processed. The way to prepare a traditional hamburger is much more transparent than the complicated industrial process of the alternative. In addition, each company has its methods and techniques.

On the other hand, we have the nutrients. The Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in this matter. This is what is only found in sufficient quantities in meat or supplements. That is why we cannot ignore that it is one of the differences between the most basic alternative and real meat. Eating a vegetable burger will not satisfy your need for it. Not to mention matters such as the absorption of iron or proteins.

Because that's another. Make sure you read the label before buying anything. Lots of alternative meat contains half protein than the real one, especially the cheap one. Furthermore, animal iron tends to differ from vegetable iron in the absorption process. That is why citrus fruits favor its absorption before eating a plate of vegetables.

chicken-free burritos
Beyond Burger, the 100% vegetable burger | Source: greenandgreat.eu

The culinary field and common sense

To finish we can refer to culinary field. The truth is, there need be no downside to grilling alternative meat. It is not exactly the same but it is quite similar in some companies. If you try with Beyond Burger you will notice that it does not roast at the same speed. However, the result is very similar to a real hamburger. The difference is minimal.

We hope this information is useful to you when forming an opinion. The most important thing is to contrast various sources, so we link the article of a grill master. Never forget to have common sense. Never think that nothing is a miracle. It is just as unhealthy to eat beef every day as it is to eat only vegetable burgers without knowing if they provide you with the necessary ingredients.