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Agrarian platform Raíces, looking to the future

La Roots agrarian platform It is one of the initiatives against depopulation that aims to help a sector that is greatly diminished in its future, such as agriculture. Lack of Job opportunities and services in rural areas implies that these areas grow old and depopulate. That is why the concept is increasingly on everyone's lips Spain emptied. But what is this nexus between young farmers in the country and the technology that tries to support them in their mission? Let's go by parts.

Spain emptied and a sector with difficulties

Roots it came to light nothing ago, as it has only been up for a week. It is a project that wants to transform the rural environment in Spain. To do this, it will use the new resources and technological tools available. Basically it will present to the workers of the primary sector all the relevant information for your work. Here it is included from the bureaucracy even how to handle crops or cattle. In short, you want to help YOUNG to join the agricultural and forestry sector.

And it is that the future of the field passes through the generational relief. Young people should be interested in and incentivized to take the place of older people. Thanks to initiatives like this, a dark panorama could be reversed. In 2019 the spanish countryside lost 1.700 freelancers. Nor is the edad that last year the agricultural workers had. Four out of ten they were older than 55 years. The instability of the market and the prices that compromise the survival of the farms do not help either. 

Mission and vision of the Raíces agricultural platform

Roots.info, the initiative's web domain, has received public funds. The 80% comes from the European Union and 20% of the Department of agriculture. Attended almost 300 people al webinar presentation of the project in the past September 10. Most farmers and ranchers YOUNG connected from their villages despite connectivity problems. They hope that the lack of information will stop being a barrier when entering the field.

pioneer electric tractor
Tractor in an agricultural field / Photo: Jordi Elías

La insights offered by the website is very varied. On the one hand, it informs about the importance of learning. When you pass the cursor, a bar is displayed where you can consult all the educational options related to the sector. We are talking about FP, dual FP, university training ... In addition, it contains information about others training resources.

It even includes what they call "Serious games" or learning simulators. One called "Manvocado" appears that deals with the classification of tropical crops. It also highlights the concept of "Professional qualification". This refers to the National Institute of Qualifications (UNQUAL), to the set of skills relevant to employment. These are acquired through training and experience. In this way, they help to choose what type of training will be most useful according to the profile. 

Woman with basket
Woman with basket / Source: Raíces

Some tools

One of the most useful is performing training stays. In them, interested persons between eighteen and forty years old will stay at agricultural holdings or they will visit them. They will work seven hours a day to learn to carry out good technical and economic management. These stays will last for five a fourteen days. Another useful tool is the carbon footprint calculator to make sure our work is sustainable. It also gives us information about renewable energy although that part of the web does not work well at the moment.

The page has an audiovisual section in which it shares youth testimonials. We talk about videos of one to three minutes in which they explain their work to you. We also find lectures and short videos on current issues for the sector. They deal with strategies of resettlement, European projects y cultivation techniques sustainable financing modelInter alia.

If we want to preserve the rural population we must preserve jobs in the field. The easier it is for them to start and work in the area, the more people will take the step of reversing the Rural exodus. If done right, of course. Going off topic a bit, it may be interesting to have the population more scattered. In this way the pandemics like the current one they would not expand as quickly. Just check the situation in Madrid. In addition, large cities would no longer be the great generators of employment.