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The «flat rate» for the new PGI Jamón Serrano

The request to create a new PGI for Spanish Serrano Ham is not leaving the sector indifferent. This is shown against. We explain why.

Agrarian platform Raíces, looking to the future

The agricultural platform Raíces came out a week ago with the intention of incorporating young people into the field. Will it be able to stop rural depopulation?

Two fondillón wines from Alicante, the best

The Food of Spain Award for the best wine has been won by two fondillón wines from the DOP Alicante. Discover here what these oenological jewels are like.

Food Awards of Spain 2019

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has awarded the "Spanish Food Awards 2019". Meet here all those who have been recognized.

Best oils in Spain 2019-2020

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has announced the best extra virgin olive oils in the Food Awards of Spain.

Take the leftover food from the restaurant

A new regulation comes into force this Wednesday in Catalonia to curb food waste. Take the food that is left over from the restaurant, forced

2019 awarded Spanish cheeses

We present the five types of Spanish cheese awarded this year by the MAPA, chosen for their high quality and their organoleptic properties.

Organic farming in Spain, successful

According to the latest MAPA data, the organic farming area in Spain grew by 8% in 2018, something that places the country as a leader in Europe.

Exit from the quality standard in the Iberian

The Savia Foundation has already ruled on the need to abandon the Quality Standard for pure Iberian acorn-fed deer. That's how it is.