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Is there a collapse in the slaughterhouses?

Some slaughterhouses and farm organizations have raised concerns about a significant increase in shipments of livestock, mainly cows, to slaughterhouses. This situation has been generated due to the drought, which has made it difficult to guarantee an adequate supply of fodder to feed the cattle. These voices have raised the alarm about the lack of available food and the need to take measures to ensure the survival of livestock and meat supplies in the future.

Grupo Abrasador shows its livestock in real time through...

Grupo Abrasador, specialists in grilled meat, offers the highest quality and transparency in its products through technology. With the help of the startup Ixorigue, the company will show its livestock in real time using innovative technology.

Lidl milk to support farmers

Milk is a basic product in almost all homes in Spain. In fact, it is within the category of "first necessity". However, farmers in...

Products from Madrid: they come back stronger

How are Madrid products responding to the coronavirus? Sometimes it takes a little (or not so little) push to come back more...

SOSRural returns to the streets of Spain

SOSRural. As the title of the mobilization says, the rural needs help. Price increases have affected...

Mercadona milk: inconsistencies with the price?

Agaprol, an association of milk producers in Spain, has expressed the indignation of Spanish farmers in relation to the price of Mercadona's milk.

Ostrich meat, what happened to this safe bet?

It was fashionable in Spain but what promised to become the star product soon, ostrich meat, stagnated. Are there any survivors?

Spanish lambs for Ramadan save the livestock sector

Spanish lambs for Ramadan are exported on these important dates for Muslims. Discover the importance that it has here and there.

Buffalo meat, the rise of an atypical product

It sounds exotic and distant, but buffalo meat can be found in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, about 40 kilometers from Madrid

Meats with PGI, more than a stamp

These types of products are of great quality and are linked to a geographical area, but what is behind PGI meats? We analyze it.