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How are food delivery orders growing?

We know that the food delivery orders, but… how do they do it? In this article we try to shed some light on the matter and provide figures to make it easier to understand. If you like to order food for your home, this information will be of interest to you. Do not miss it!

How are food delivery orders growing?

The pandemic of Covid-19 it has changed our customs. It is precisely within the world of gastronomy that we find a significant change that has taken a great leap. This is where food delivery orders are growing. They "grow up" in the present tense. Because they keep growing. Since the disease began to spread, they have done so in a 40% . Within this percentage, a company that can be illustrative is Just Eat.

It is a daunting platform. It has two and a half million users, plus 20.000 restaurants that they distribute through it. Your report, "The Gastrometer 2021", reflects very interesting trend changes. For example, breakfast orders increased 464% over the last year. However, they only represent the 5% of total orders. On the other hand, who occupies most of the orders is the dinner. Your fee is 62%.

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Some friends having dinner / Source: Pixabay

So if we talk about growing food delivery orders, we can't forget about meatless alternatives. Vegetarian and vegan orders grew by 50% and a 8%, respectively, during this year. Within these surprising figures we must contribute others that surely will not surprise anyone. As many as a quarter of the orders have been placed on the computer in the last year. Therefore, the mobile is key when carrying out food orders at home.

And the delivery men?

We hope the information has been useful to you. In a future article we will discuss another current topic of interest: the future of riders. The new regulations oblige companies to hire them, so some, like Deliveroo They have already left Spain. What are the ones that are adapting? We will bring you the information shortly.