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Keto bread: so different?

Have you heard of keto bread? No, it is not an oxymoron no matter how contradictory it sounds. So how do you prepare a bread with so few carbohydrates? Let's check it out!

The basics of the keto diet

El keto bread is a reality. Many people chase the desired ketosis when carrying out the diet ketogenic. This consists of restrict carbohydrates as much as possible, specifically 10% of daily calories. In this way the body begins to use fats as power source. The followers of it assure that it provides them with a lot of vitality and energy. In addition, it helps to lose weight fast.

Well, not everything is meat, eggs y avocado on this diet. Naturally, many of his followers are fans of bread. So, you have two options: give it up and stick with it, or eat one tailored to your diet. That is why he is born keto bread, similar to the conventional one but with notable differences.

keto bread
Main foods of the keto diet / Source: IStock

How is keto bread different?

Before going into details we point out the price. A loaf of white bread can cost half a euro more or less. However, the 500 grams de keto bread They are around five euros. On the other hand, white bread contains about eight grams of protein per hundred grams. Keto bread boasts twelve and a half grams. In addition, it also beats you in the amount of fat: 25 grams per hundred against only one in the case of white.

Obviously, it is also worth noting the difference in terms of carbohydrates, otherwise it would not be keto. 58 for white against seven for keto bread. Thus, we are faced with a very unique product that you will find difficult to find in restoration. We can mention some friendly references to this diet in Spain, such as:

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How to do it at home?

The most practical is to prepare it at home. This way you will get a loaf crispy on the outside and very tender inside.

To do this, the first thing to do is to preheat the oven to 50 degrees. Then you must pour half a glass of water boiling with four grams of miel. Let it sit for two to three minutes. After that you must grind 20 grams of chia seeds.

Add yeast to the honey water and let the mixture sit for another three minutes. Then mix the dry ingredients in a bowl: the chia seeds that you have crushed, 35 grams of almond flour, 100 of wheat gluten and 3 of xanthan gum. The latter is the additive that replaces wheat to give elasticity to the interior of the bread.

keto bread
Homemade keto bread with nuts / Source: IStock

Then you must mix these dry ingredients with the yeast water and honey. Add here an egg and 20 grams of olive oil. Now it's time to knead between five and ten minutes until the mixture is not sticky. After that you must divide the result into several tickets equal in size or into a loaf. Bake them for an hour at 50 degrees. After this happens, the temperature rises to 180 and bake another 15.

You already have it! Enjoy the keto diet without leaving aside a food that you like so much. Do you think recipes like these make life easier for dieters? Do they have lying ketogenic restaurants? We will be very attentive.