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Vegetarian diet: best countries to enjoy it

La Vegetarian diet o vegan it is spreading all over the world. More and more people decide to join this type of diet. However, it is not a simple process. That's why today we bring you a list with the best (and worst) countries to travel to if you practice this type of diet. Find out!

Many options for the vegetarian diet

People are made to travel. The different countries of the world have much to offer to anyone who decides to visit them. One of the main reasons we have to travel is, without any doubt, to taste the gastronomy from other lands. Try new flavors, enjoy exotic foods or unprecedented condiments for our palate. So if you're following a diet as limiting as the vegetarian one, you have to keep in mind where you are going to go.

Without a doubt, the best country to visit if you are vegan is the India. On vegan travel index It is almost 100 points higher than the second country on our list. But let's go by parts. India is a country very rich in vegetables, vegetables and variety of fruits. That is why a high percentage of its population is vegetarian. This makes things much easier if you want to travel to this country, because the local predisposition will take into account your needs.

Different types of vegetables for cooking vegetarian diet
Different types of vegetables to cook in a vegetarian diet | Source: Pixabay

What if I seek to leave Eurasia? Well, we can travel to the second and third countries on the list. Mexico and Brazil They accompany the podium as the second and third best country for followers of the vegetarian diet, respectively. Both have a large number of dishes made with vegetables and without anything of animal origin. Soups, tacos, salads, side dishes... In Latin America There are two of the countries with the most variety on the planet, with Mexico also being the country with the best cuisine in the world according to Taste Atlas.

More and more vegetarian diet places

The following stalls on the list are just as good to visit if you are looking for a gastronomy animal free. Vietnam, Israel and China they are three of the countries with the largest plant food supply. It may be that his high number of food-related dishes rice have something to do with this, making these countries a more than interesting alternative for an upcoming trip.

vegetarian diet ingredients
Vegetarian Diet Ingredients | Source: Pixabay

Greece, Thailand and Slovenia They are our next stop. A low amount of vegetables is compensated with an abundance of legumes and fruit. The three countries also have few traditional recipes that place special emphasis on meat or fish. These make them a very interesting stop for travelers who are willing to visit their restaurants.

Lastly, one of the countries that cannot be left out of this list is, without a doubt, Italy. With one of the most recognized the world, the cradle of art is a country that will allow practitioners of the vegetarian diet to savor the local gastronomy in all its glory. If it is not ranked higher, it is because, if your diet prevents you from eating animal products, you will have a problem when it comes to tasting the pasta, since the cheese and egg abounds throughout the region.

Different ingredients of Italian cuisine
Various ingredients of Italian cuisine | Source: Pixabay

Not everything could be perfect

Having seen the most suitable countries to travel to if you are a vegetarian or a practitioner of veganism, now it is time to mention which are the worst options. Topping this list, Latvia It is crowned the most avoidable place on the entire list due to its high number of dishes focused on meat and fish. To this is added the fruit shortage and vegetables in the country, making this one of the worst places to travel if you follow a vegetarian diet.

Denmark, Lithuania or France suffer from similar problems. Eggs, meats and a lack of main dishes made with vegetables and fruit make these countries one of the most complicated to enjoy under these gastronomic conditions.

What do you think? Will you make a trip to the countries on this list?