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Choose the best olives!

We present seven of the best olives! These brands are an excellent option for any snack between family and friends. Why is he accused of lazy Who serve this Iberian delicacy to their guests? Let's see it!

Based on what to choose the best olives?

There are many ways to take olives. In fact, it is a more versatile food than it seems. They fit as tapa in a bar although they are also part of recipes. The salads y pizzas They wouldn't be the same without them.

However, there are some that stand out for their taste and quality. Although all of them are incredible, we must first ask ourselves what we want. For example, you still like olives Stuffed. An excellent option in this case are the Consorcio «Gran Reserva» anchovy stuffed olives.

best olives
Sarasa olives “Cortijo recipe”/Source: aceitunassarasa.es

belong to the variety chamomile and it's hard to put down. Another suggestion along the same lines is aimed at those who prefer them without fish. It's about the stuffed with natural pepper de The Gourmet Lighthouse. In addition, its appeal also lies in the slightly spicy garlic and chilli seasoning.

Which ones will impress us with their dressing?

Other of the best olives go exactly in that line. Companies that have gone to great lengths to find the perfect dressing surprise us with interesting proposals. One of them is that of Of the caveyour olives gordals They are meaty and have a seasoning of roasted brown pepper, garlic and spices.

As for other dressings, we point out those of "Cortijo Recipe" by Sarasa. They belong to the green variety and they are a good choice for lovers of pepper and garlic.

gordal olives seasoned from the cave
Seasoned gordal olives De la Cueva/Source: pdelacueva.shop

Returning to the fat variety, we have the green boneless “gazpacha” from Losada. The name comes from the spicy and sweet touches of the dressing, which can remind us of a cold soup.

On the other hand, we have the Split olives "Grandma's" from Chicón Lebrón. come from Antequera, Malaga, and are a true star in bars as they are usually accompanied by a cold beer. In any case, we recommend that you follow your own criteria and choose the ones you like the most. Do you know any other brand from which it is impossible to eat just one olive?