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Why is Carrefour interested in Metaverse?

Have you ever heard of metaverse? It's about a Virtual environment in which humans can interact social y economically through avatars. Although it is still not very widespread today, there are many companies that have already made important inroads. This is the case of the French supermarket chain Carrefour. If you want to know a little more about this topic. Keep reading!

What is the metaverse?

Basically, as we have mentioned lines before, the metaverse is a Virtual environment. But what is it for? Those that exist today, mainly, are focused on the world of video games. However, there are also them to sell and buy all kinds of goods, such as real estate, objects, services, etc. All these transactions are carried out with the cryptocurrencies,  (digital assets to make transactions safely).

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One of the best known is decentraland, un metaverse in which users can sell and buy plots of land. For this they use a cryptocurrency call Where. In fact, Samsung created in this virtual space un building that simulates the one located in NY.

The Metaverse allows us to transcend physical and spatial boundaries to create unique virtual experiences that could not happen otherwise. Innovation is in our DNA and we can't wait for everyone to experience this burgeoning virtual world. Michelle Crossan-Matos, senior vice president of Samsung.

But, the electronic company has not been the only one that has joined this next generation internet. Mark Zuckerberg has already announced its intention to bring the social media to another level. The metaverse, Will be pillar basic to make it. Hence the new name. Facebook, Target, which in greek means "beyond". In order to access this experience immersive it is essential to have some virtual reality glasses. They are also developing haptic gloves so that the user can feel the surface of objects when picking them up.

When will it be accessible?

Not everyone will be able to access this technology immediately, and so there are still a few years until it is used globally in homes and businesses to the level that we use other tools like Internet, for example. According to the financial information company, Bloomberg, this virtual universe could lead to a global business of 800.000 million for 2024. However, those who have curiosity, financial capacity and desire they can now access them. Decentraland, Webaverse, The Sandbow and cryptovoxels are some of the current metaverses.

First stores in the metaverse

There are several sectors that have opted for the innovation and have created your first online store. The companies of fashion world they have taken quite a run being H&M one of the first. Similarly, some players in the food market have also made the leap. French supermarket chain Carrefour, has reached the metaverse with its first store in the hands of The Sandbox. This has been announced by its president, Alexandre Bombard, the social network Linkedin.


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But, it is not his first approach with this new way of seeing the world, but the past November he allied with Target (Facebook). The primary objective is guide the company of supermarkets in this Transformation proccess. In this way, this association will lead several departments of the French chain: internal communication, employee experience, customer relations, digital advertising, digitization of brochures, local communication and social commerce. It is also planned to cover the nine countries in which the group is present.

Will the new virtual world cause controversy?

Internet, new technologies and social networks have been sources of social debate. There are many who believe that they have generated a positive impact in certain aspects, but that they also have created problems and digital divide or cyberbullying, among others. And the metaverse, actually means other level ¿we will be prepared? There will be some control.? Will our relationships? Give us your opinion in the comments, we read you!