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Mate de Messi, the drink of football

During the last weeks only one thing has been talked about in the football world. The Messi and his departure from the club of his life, the Barcelona. This farewell has covered the covers of all the media for several days. But, taking a look at the gastronomic plan, highlights the drink that was used in his presentation video. The Messi mate had a fundamental role in his arrival at PSG. Do you want to know why this product is so common among football players? Its characteristics will give you the key to understand its high level of consumption.

What is Messi's mate?

Mate tea is a hot drink of South American origin, which can be likened to i will terer. Which brings several benefits to everyone who consumes it. In addition, it is part of a social practice in countries like Argentina and Uruguay. It is a drink served in a pumpkin-shaped container. Acquaintance and call guampa. For its preparation, the container is filled with hot water and the mate leaves. After leaving steep the infusion, it is drunk through the bulb. Which is basically the so characteristic metal straw.

It should be noted that this last element has a filter. Which presses the tea leaves, so that the flavor is not lost. In the presentation video of Leo Messi with his new team, the mate plays a fundamental role. And it is that, it looks with the Argentinian flag during the entire assembly. In addition, in the background, you can hear music reminiscent of a composer. Therefore, in the same production they combine four Argentine symbols. The flag, Messi, mate and tango.

Messi's mate
Messi's mate. Source: cucinare.com (pinterest.com)

Messi's mate in other footballers

Mate has become the best ally for many elite footballers. Especially for Argentines and Uruguayans, as you have seen previously. In fact, it is very common to see athletes like Luis Suárez, or even, French Griezmann, arriving at the field with his guampa in hand. And, many of them already consider it as a ritual that must always be present. A talisman and a energy boost. This is so because it has countless properties and benefits.

Such is the popularity of this drink, that there are willing to see who consumes more. Although, obviously, it is difficult to know. What is clear is that Uruguayans carry the double thermos and kill the Argentines. Although, both some relax constantly killing. In fact, it serves to release tension and meet challenges with more energy and power.

Benefits of consuming mate

Mate is a powerful stimulant of the central nervous system. So, your intake increase energy and brain activity naturally. On the other hand, its consumption helps the metabolism make better use of carbohydrates. In this way, the physical resistance. As if this were not enough, this drink decreases muscle fatigue and improves psychomotor functioning. In addition to prevent wear and cell degeneration.

The mate herb has anti-inflammatory effects. Which favor the recovery and rehabilitation after physical exercise. It also supports cardiovascular health, which ultimately translates into a better physical condition. Last but not least, there are different ways of taking it. Cold in summer and hot in winter, sweet or sour, alone or combined with other flavors. The only thing that is clear is that the matte is natural and brings many more benefits than any energy drink on the market.

Messi's mate
Mate. Source:

Elaboration method

Firstly, heat two cups of water in a pot. It is important that you do not allow it to boil. Then fill the guampa with matte grass. If you don't have this container, use a infusion filter cup. It is important that a small mountain is formed with the mate leaves. Once done, add a small amount of cold water so that it gets wet. Gently insert the bulb (short metallic).

Then pour the hot water over all the previous mixture. Making sure the tip stays drought. So that everything goes its right way, drink the first sip immediately. Until the liquid of the infusion is finished. This is when you can start sharing your drink. Finally, and as a tip, you can sweeten with a little burned sugar or add lemon juice.

El Messi mate it has been a fundamental part of its presentation. But, the truth is that this drink is very typical in the world of football. And, it is not strange knowing each and every one of its characteristics and properties. Do you dare to To try it?