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The best paella… in Mexico!?

La paella It is one of the most characteristic dishes of the entire gastronomy Spanish. Wherever you go, if you ask for a typical dish from our country, they will always mention this rice Valencian. Discover the surprising winner of the award for the best paella of the world of the Swedish pageant. We tell you!

The best Valencian paella

On Sunday September 11 has been celebrated 61 edition of the International Competition Paella Valenciana de Swedish. It is one of the cradles of this traditional dish of Spanish gastronomy. The Winners, however, they come from a place quite far from the Iberian Peninsula. Rogelio Castañon, of 30 years, and Alfonso Ovalle, 32, have won the award for the "Best Paella in the World" to the cry of "Viva México".

Both cooks began to prepare this dish already in the adolescence. After a long time of improvement technique, have managed to win this culinary championship, taking the prize of 2.500 euros in front of the 42 restaurants from 12 different countries that have presented themselves. Definitely the taste traditional that they have managed to achieve transcends all borders.

best paella
Valencian paella with various extra ingredients and lemon | Source: Pixabay

"At Mexico, paella is not very well known, but now we are going to promote it with his classic recipe, nothing of inventions”, points out Roger. Its catering restaurant Crocus is located in Guadalupe, in Zacatecas Although this is their first visit to Valencia, their experience in the kitchen has helped them to be able to make this fantastic dish as if they lived in Valencia since they were little.

The best kept secret

Create such a dish delicious as to be considered the best in the world is not simple. It requires a lot of skill, experience and know-how. control the fire of firewood has been the greatest difficulty, according to what the Cooks competition. Water is also a very important factor, because it is not in vain that there are Valencians that they take carafes of water of their land when they go to cook abroad.

best paella
A chef prepares a paella in the 2018 edition | Photo: Fair of Valencia

The most recipe purist It is also one of the simplest among the varieties of paella that exist. If we seek to make its version more traditional, You should only bring rice, a pinch of paprika, saffron, rabbit, chicken and, as vegetables, bajoqueta, tomato and jug. A little salt, oil and we leave the use of rosemary and snails to taste of the consumer, although they always look good in this dish.

It is, without a doubt, one of our star dishes. Next to the tortilla of patatos or Gazpacho, our gastronomy is represented by this delicious dish with a rice base. We may not be the country most associated with this ingredients (Asia is another example of rice as the main ingredient in its gastronomy), but it is undoubtedly part of the most characteristic recipes of the entire peninsula.

How the best paella is made

All paella self-respecting begins with a good stir-fry. The chicken, rabbit and beans, seasoning with a little salt and peppers To the end. When it is well golden, add the tomato crushed and sautéed. Once we have the sauce ready, we must add the water. After raising the temperature to the fire, it is a good moment to add the saffron or the paella seasoning that we like the most.

best paella
A paella already started with mussels, lemon and peppers among its main ingredients | Source: Pixabay

Then we add the rice and we distribute it throughout the paella. We cook between 17 and 20 minutes, although here you have to decide the time depending on the grain of rice and the power of the fire. It has to be completely dry y loose. Halfway through cooking we can also put some sprigs of romero in case you want to add that touch to it. Finally, it is convenient to leave the paella rest covered with a large cloth or newspaper for a few minutes before serving.

What do you think? Did you know the recipe for the authentic Valencian paella? Of course, we should feel proud that more and more countries are taking an interest in one of our most characteristic dishes. We really wanted to try the winning paella of this edition.