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Why does Heura double its sales?

Heura Foods shows that alternatives to animal protein They are an unstoppable trend. But… has it grown enough to double its sales? What lies behind all your progress? Let's review some of the strengths of this company. Undoubtedly, one of the benchmarks in the sector is meat substitutes. Or as they say, of the successors.

The year of Heura Foods

2021 has not been just any year for Heura Foods. It has never grown so fast since its inception five years ago. Its presence in the retail market goes from 3.000 establishments 15.000. It also expanded its reach to twenty countries. But that's not all because...He has doubled his total revenge! Undoubtedly, this exponential growth is related to the growing ecological and animal awareness of the Spanish. That is why many appreciate alternatives to meat of such quality.

This has earned him to receive sixteen million dollars in investments and to enter the giant Wallmart. Just five years ago this escaped the imagination of Marc Coloma y Bernat Añas. These two Catalans decided to start a business from activism. For this reason, they do not conceive of the other brands in the sector as competition, but as allies. His way of changing the world starts from each person's plate. Hence to achieve faithful substitutes for traditional meat products.

heura foods
Heura a la orange prepared by a Twitter user/ Source: @limonycilantro on Twitter

chicken, burgers y meatballs plant-based inspired mediterranean They are their oldest products. We have tried the “chicken” snacks and we can attest that it is difficult to distinguish them. In addition, last year they added to their catalog the analogues of the chorizo ​​and sausages.

Future plans

Heura Foods currently uses a special grease analog based on Of olive oil. It also uses ingredients such as water, non-genetically modified vegetable proteins, salt, aromas, dextrose, spices and Vitamin B12. Their plans for the future go through the launch of new products and the investment in R&D that allows lowering the retail purchase price. They seek to reach as many consumers as possible.
The company says that last year its research and development unit quadrupled in size. We see that they are taking it very seriously. We can also highlight that this equipment has more than thirty food science and technology patents.

Marc Coloma, general director and co-founder, assures that the brand is well positioned and is optimistic: “The exponential growth that we are experiencing shows that the future will be vegetable. We are committed to accelerating the protein transition with high investment in technology and our activism through entrepreneurship.” Heura Foods has been going strong and we are sure that it will surprise us in 2022.