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The best cheese for burgers, very melted!

There is no better companion for those nights when you want to give yourself a good whim than a hamburger. And it is that, it is one of the favorite preparations for many in those occasions in which gluttony takes over the stomach. And what would a burguer be without all the ingredients who accompany her? To discover the best products for her, you must know the best cheese for burgers. Without a doubt, each of them will give you that special touch that everyone loves. You just have to choose your favorite and, in this case ... Make it melt!

How to choose the best cheese for burgers?

When creating your favorite burger, sure you take into account the flavor and equilibrium that its ingredients contribute to the mouth. But, this should not be the only thing you should look at for your crafting be perfect. It is also important to consider the cheese texture that, after all, will be what will give the bourgeois taste differential. What is asked of this product is that cover well, to be creamy and can fully adapt to the snack. That said, a dry or highly cured cheese such as an aged Manchego or a Parmesan would be totally ruled out.

To better understand it, the summary is that the cheeses that melt the best are those that have a certain moisture. Because, as is obvious, the drier it is, it will have a harder consistency and, therefore, it will melt worse. However, not only very dry cheeses they do not pair with hamburgers. In fact, a fresh mozzarella doesn't do it, either, neither does a Burgos-style one. Which are cool, but not cool enough fatty, so they are not able to melt properly. Next, we present the more appropriate to include in your elaborations.

The best cheese for burgers
Burger. Source: People.com

Cheddar cheese

There is no doubt that it is the cheese most popular in the world. And, furthermore, the one considered as the best cheese for burgers for many. It is known for having a look Orange very recognizable and for its characteristic flavor, always associated with good burgers. In fact, there are those who confirm that there is no good hamburger without its portion of queso cheddar correspondent. And it is that, if you decide to opt for this option, it is possible that your elaboration does not need more ingredients. Although, you could add some bacon, something that never fails.


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Blue cheeses

If your bet is aimed at this type of cheese, you should know that the hamburger will have a extra flavor and salt, so it is not suitable for all palates. But this melts better than you might think. You should know that the cows dissolve better and faster than the goat ones, so you could bet without fear on them. The best example is a sweet gorgonzola, which is already quite unctuous. And, your perfect setting would be a burger with a blueberry jam or candied onion, as it fits perfectly with those. sweet nuances.

Provolone Cheese

It is likely that when you hear the name of this cheese you associate it with the pasta or even to the pizza. Which does not mean that it is a perfect companion of hamburgers. It is a perfect option to give it the most Italian taste to your elaborations, to which you can also add dried tomatoes and basil. But, the flavor is not the only strong point of this product. Along with this, if you include provolone you will make your burger a lot healthier and you will get one unusual mix of flavor that you cannot wait to repeat.


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Goat cheese

Only true cheese lovers would be able to include this type in their favorite burgers. It is recognized for its odor the less peculiar when placing it on the grill or applying heat to it. Although, you should know that if you decide to add the dish, it will ask you to accompany them with a sweet contrast. What is most often seen in restaurants is the combination with caramelized onion, but you can also try it with a dried tomato jam that will add that sweet part to your burger.


It is one of the most iconic Swiss cheeses and the only one that can have the big holes that officially characterize it. It is important that you know that the older it is, the drier it will be and the worse it will melt, but if you find the right one you will be facing a cheese of a spectacular quality. The safest bet would be one young as it will be easier to cut into thin slices. From here we recommend that you mix it with some slightly spicy sauce and with Mayonnaise to give it more smoothness.

The best cheese for burgers
Emmental cheese. Source: comococinar.club (pinterest.com)

Seeing all this, it is clear that it does not exist the best cheese for burgers universal. That is, it all depends on your own tastes and preferences. If you are a cheese lover, try including one of these in your favorite burger and you will see the great leap in quality that you will experience in your own mouth.