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Protected Geographical Indication for Garrotxa Cheese

There are already 1681 foods protected by the European Union and Queso de la Garrotxa / Formatge de la Garrotxa has been the last to increase the list of protected foods. In this way, the cheese from the Catalan region of La Garrotxa now has its Protected Geographical Indication.

In the case of the Formatge de la Garrotxa, the European Union has valued the great gastronomic link. Also the great cultural link that this cheese has with the territory. The EU highlights in its statement the relationship between the quality of the cheese and the geographical area. It has also communicated that there has been no opposition and that for this reason and within a period of 3 weeks, this new PGI "Queso de la Garrotxa / Formatge de la Garrotxa" will officially come into force.

Garrotxa cheese, a recovered cheese

Garrotxa Cheese is a cheese made only with pasteurized or raw goat's milk. It is an artisanal cheese made and generally soft. The bark is smooth or slightly rough and is covered with a thin layer of bluish-gray fungus. Its preparation is based on mixed coagulation. After coagulation, the dough will be cut until obtaining a measurement similar to that of a hazelnut. Once the cheese is pressed, it is placed in brine. Its maturation, which lasts about three weeks, takes place in a humid and cool environment that favors the proliferation of the fungus on its bark during this time.

Garrotxa Cheese was a cheese recovered in the 80s after a proliferation of new goat farms in the region. The large production of milk led to the recovery of a native cheese of the county that was almost no longer made. Thus, cheese experts were commissioned to recover the cheese that was made in the region, taking advantage of current technological advances.