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The end of expiration dates?

Ocado choose delete of the labels Date of Expiry. In its place, it will place other notices that protect the food safety of consumers. We tell you about this new method against waste here

UK says goodbye to expiry dates

We continue to look for solutions and ways to stop advanced climate change. One of the reasons that causes it is the food waste. For this reason, the British online sales company, Ocado, has implemented a measure that reduces it. This consists of delete of the label expiration date. Especially in fresh products that include fruits, such as apples and pears, and citrus. For other products, for example dairy products, this notice of “best before” for “use by”.

Key differences when disposing of a product. Best before refers to quality of food. That is, it is safe to consume them, but it has lost its quality. While the deadline set in “use by” is linked to security of the food. In this way, the waste of products that can still be enjoyed is avoided. Based on this new labeling alternative, Ocado has managed to reduce 0,04% su waste.

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citrus /source: instagram user @pastry_sv

Although a study by the NGO, Action on Food Waste (WRAP), calculated a higher number. According to them, remove the expiration date would avoid that they be wasted 14 million shopping baskets. “We have removed the expiration date, an indicator of freshness, from several of our products. This is to help combat food waste and encourage our customers to make their own decision about when a food is past its prime.” The firm's spokesman has informed.

Ocado's technique of removing the expiration date from part of their products is a good idea. Then ensures a longer shelf life of the food. As well as the safety of consumers. would you support that it is measure will be implemented in Spain?