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Label: Expiration Date

Food labels against waste!

A multitude of brands have come together to fight waste. In this case, they have achieved that more than one hundred million containers...

The end of expiration dates?

Ocado chooses to remove the expiration date from the labels. Instead, it will place other notices that protect the food safety of...

Is it the end of the expiration date?

The Morrisons supermarket chain is going to remove the expiration date from its milk range. All with the aim of fighting against food waste.

Foods that can be eaten expired, watch out!

Many times we throw away products that we think are going to be bad because they have passed their date, on the other hand, there are foods that can be eaten expired.

Misleading labeling, a problem with a solution?

Misleading labels are present in a variety of products and do not correspond to reality, what are they? How can they be stopped?

Meaningful dates, the great initiative of Too Good To Go

Learn to recognize when a food can be consumed or not thanks to Dates with Sense, the attractive and useful idea to combat waste.

How long does food last in the fridge?

One of the big questions when shopping is: how long does food last in the fridge? It is important to know the shelf life of the products.

Expiration date in food: do you understand it?

The relationship between the expiration date on food and waste is of concern because there is confusion in labeling. Here we explain it.