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Crianza de Nuestro Mares, do you know it?

It is a firm that values ​​the origin, closeness as well as the quality some of the most common fish in Spanish gastronomy. If you still don't know what it is Raising of Our SeasIn this article, we are going to tell you all about those who are behind a very important task. That of giving recognition to exclusive products of the sea that bathe Spain, from the place where an excellent raw material comes from to elaborate later delicious recipes. Look for the seal, find excellence. Dive with us in these paragraphs to discover the differentiation that more and more consumers carry from the fishmongers to your table!

What is Crianza de Nuestro Mares?

With 100% Spanish native products, the brand Raising of Our Seas is identified with a stamp of origin for Fish that are born in national territory. They offer a distinctive in sea ​​bass, sea bream and croaker who live in the open sea waters along our shores. It can only be used by companies that market fish raised or born in our seas, hence the name of the seal. The one that denotes three concepts present in each copy: proximity, exclusivity and quality. Because we are talking about products that cannot be closer to Spain, unique in the country and even very fresh. Always more than those from other countries, from other distant shores.

Aquaculture and sustainability philosophy

As if those characteristics that recognize and identify the label Crianza de Our Seas, two other important values ​​are represented. The first is the aquaculture practiced as a breeding method by companies specialized in this activity. Always maintaining the highest standards of quality possible in all a very pampered art from the births to the distribution of the fish. Throughout the process, the better feed to feed the species that are then put on the market at their optimum time of consumption. Neither before nor after, because quality is taken care of.

And also the sustainable practice, with a total commitment to preserve the environment. In this case, the one that allows us to enjoy exquisite fish. As they say from Raising of Our Seas, "Aquaculture is much more efficient than terrestrial livestock in the use of natural resources." For this reason, the exclusive label is linked to the production in marine farms optimized to reduce the impact to the environment. In addition, from breeding to sale, the traceability it is guaranteed.

Raising of Our Seas
Doradas / Photo: crianzadenuestrosmares

How can you recognize the seal?

It is very easy, it is enough that when you go to your trusted fishmonger you know how to recognize it in the fresh specimen and displayed for purchase. The stamp of origin consists of the three words that identify it next to the drawing of a fish with the Spain flag colors: Red and yellow. However, beyond that label, you can take a closer look at the gloss in the eyes of the sea ​​bass, bream or croaker you want to purchase. As well as their gleaming scales or its unmistakable aroma of the sea. All these aspects distinguish the national product from that originating from other international seas.

Why buy Crianza de Nuestro Mares fish?

First of all, because we are talking about fish whose freshness It shines as bright as each specimen in the stall and, in the second reason, it has to do with fat. They are characterized by being products semi-greasy, which are found halfway between blue and white fish. Of course, they maintain their wealth of nutrients that you can make the most of in your recipes culinary. In his web page, Raising of Our Seas They also offer you their own proposals.

sea ​​bream recipe
Sea bream fillets / Photo: crianzadenuestrosmares

Increasing notoriety

A recent survey of the GfK consultant On a sample of the general population distributed according to genders, ages, areas and size of the municipality, he has analyzed the popularity of the seal. After interviewing some 500 people asking them for a distinctive of origin and quality in fresh fishUntil the 30% they admitted knowing Aging of Our Seas. Although only the 4% spontaneously mentioned the seal, the result of the analysis reveals an increasing notoriety. This conclusion is based on the fact that, compared to another identical consultation two years ago, the figure has increased by ten percentage points.

In short, the label is already recognized by the 35% of Spaniards and the trend is that it will increase in the coming years. It should be remembered that the fresh fish in our country it is not marketed subject to trademarks. In any case, the origin of the specimen is known. Maybe thanks to Raising of Our Seas it is possible to change the buyer's vision towards the indigenous and sustainable product.