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Prophylactic cream to save the hospitality industry

This prophy cream may alleviate economic symptoms from the pandemic to prevent contagion while eating in a bar or restaurant. Thanks to a scientist and a chef, a protective membrane has been found that will prevent the coronavirus infect the diner. Discover the surprising details of this find that could allow us to eat with total tranquility when we take off the mask. At least while we get used to this tireless virus with which we have to live.

The hospitality industry seriously threatened

Finally a product appears that can provide some esperanza to the hospitality industry. The restoration, for better and for worse, it is an economic sector of great weight in our country. Unfortunately, the arrival of tourists has fallen markedly because of the pandemic. That is why those who make a living from this business must find solutions to get afloat. One of them is this prophy cream capable of preventing the passage of the coronavirus into your body through your mouth. It would be like wearing a mask inside the mouth only much more effective.

At this point in the year we all have an idea of how the virus spreads. The fact that you do it through the a government-protected and adhere to surfaces we all know. This is why the use of a mask reduces the chances of transmission of this respiratory virus. Cream may be ideal in this highly uncertain context. The general trend is capacity reduction y bar closures by the State but new measures can be studied.

Hygiene measures
Hygiene measures such as hand washing have regained prominence

How does this prophy cream work?

José Manuel Pérez de Alastra is a scientist member of the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC). This works in the Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology of Tenerife. It turns out that he has discovered the secret of chickens that can save us many infections. However, we must thank diego schattenhofer its presentation in the current edition of San Sebastian Gastronomika as a novelty. This runs the restaurant 1973 button, in Arona (Tenerife).

It turns out that a immunized hen against a disease concentrates all its antibodies in the yolk of the egg. The question is: how to get it to protect us from a disease that affects humans like Covid-19? The answer is complex. They generated these antibodies against critical regions of proteins of the virus that are the ones that bind to the human receptor. Now, we know that it still sounds complicated.

Prophylactic cream
The packaged prophy cream / Photo: @diegoschattenhofer

The researcher details that if these are specifically placed in the mouth they can block the virus's access to our cells. This ability has been demonstrated in two trials. The first was vitro. For the second, samples of human saliva at different times after ingestion. Apparently, the scattered ointment antibodies in all the section that the food covers. It begins with the mouth, continues through the pharynx and continues through the esophagus. These protect us from food that has been contaminated by other people inadvertently, in cases of spilling particles by other diners or similar cases. They do so that they arrive safely at the stomach.

The prophy cream could give a respite to the already deteriorated restoration
The prophy cream could give a respite to the already deteriorated restoration

Science and gastronomy

The acids from the stomach destroy the virus, so there is no need to worry. That is why it is a product with a gastronomic application. diego schattenhofer is the Argentine chef based in Tenerife in charge of passing on this discovery to his recipes. You have already developed ointments and sauces with these properties that you will be happy to apply to your kitchen. Wait for the approval of the authorities to incorporate it into the gofio, guarapo y hydrolyzed starches.

Half a gram of prophy cream provides antibodies that last two hours. Dinner would have to be extended for a long time to lose effectiveness. This is why Schattenhofer is so excited. He assures the EFE Agency that he continues to work on the "Gastronomic possibilities" of the ointment. “In a nine-course menu we could work with that egg yolk in a red mojo or an immunized sabayon. Science will tell when it can see the light, but we are super excited about this work, "he said.

Poster presenting Diego Schattenhofer's intervention at the festival / Source: @diegoschattenhofer

All the responses to this crisis are few, so we welcome the news with joy. It is in the hands of each one of us to stop the advance of the pandemic. So, we can be grateful to the researchers and Cooks what do they add taste to your discoveries. Will this be prophy cream really useful to avoid contagion while enjoying a lunch or dinner with your loved ones? Time will tell.