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Castillo Ygay 2012, excellent

Ygay Castle It continues to be the most internationally admired Spanish wine. The prestigious American critic James Suckling A few weeks ago it awarded its highest score to the new 2012 vintage, its 100 points.

Now raise him to the highest by naming him best wine from Spain y placing it among the 10 best in the world. This makes it the only Spaniard capable of entering a list dominated mainly by French and Italian wines.

Castillo Ygay makes history again after being named the best wine in the world in 2020 by the Wine Spectator publication. In this way it establishes itself as an international benchmark of excellence and maximum exponent of the quality of Spanish wine.

“We can only have words of gratitude to the team at this winery that strives every day seeking maximum excellence. Unfortunately the production of this vintage is lower than others and we regret that we cannot satisfy all the demand of our customers.” explains Vicente Dalmau Cebrián-Sagarriga, president of Marqués de Murrieta, who celebrates this new and historic news.

 Castillo Ygay vintage 2012

“This is a legendary vintage from Castillo Ygay that shamelessly defies the passage of time,” explains María Vargas, technical director of the winery. Remember that María Vargas has been named “best winemaker in the world” on several occasions.

Icon of Rioja, Castillo Ygay is the most precious jewel of the century-old winery Marqués de Murrieta (1852). Part of its greatness lies in the fact that it is only made in vintages considered exceptional.

Castillo Ygay is made exclusively with the best grapes from La Plana, a plot of 40 hectares planted in 1950. It is located in the highest area of ​​Finca Ygay, a 300 hectare estate that surrounds the winery in the Rioja Alta.

The euphoria of the sector for this new vintage makes even more sense considering that the 2013, 2014 and 2015 vintages of Castillo Ygay will not be released on the market. Predictably it will not be until 2026 when we will be able to enjoy the next 2016 vintage.

This excellent wine will go on the market next December 1 with an approximate price of 300 euros. A magnificent wine to accompany unforgettable moments.