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The art of ramen, 80 bowls and simple broths

Ramen, the delicious dish of Japanese cuisine, has become a true phenomenon in the West. Also a viral hit on TikTok and YouTube and a favorite dish at food festivals.

The Cinco Tintas publishing house launches this November The art of ramen. A book that becomes the perfect manual that will take you to know and join this fascinating world of healthy fast food.

According to the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, ramen arrived in Japan at the end of the Edo period, around the 1870s. It was when Chinese immigrants landed in the port cities of Yokohama, Kobe, Nagasaki and Hakodate and quickly spread their food. Ramen became popular thanks to the simple, affordable and satisfying combination of broth and noodles. Although it is likely that the bowls looked very different from those of today and were simpler.

Ramen, a creative and versatile dish

Ramen bowls, with their four main elements (sauce, soup, noodles and condiments) allowed for experimentation and creativity.

In this book, Makiko Sano, explains the basics of tare sauces, broths, noodles, and seasonings. Everything so you can assemble your own bowls.

It suggests the ideal types of noodles for each recipe even if there are no mandatory rules. Also the essential ingredients and seasonings to add texture and enhance flavor. The author explains her list to us in order of preference and she also presents more than 80 recipes. You'll find everything from Japanese classics to spicy Korean versions, as well as homemade and seafood dishes. There is no shortage of vegan and vegetarian options in the book and even ways to improve instant noodles.

With slurpable noodles, umami broths and bold, customizable seasonings. He Windows It is the ideal fast food, which you can adapt infinitely depending on your tastes, your creativity and the ingredients you have in the pantry.

Join the gastronomic madness that has fascinated the world: ramen, healthy fast food.