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Who said red meat was unhealthy?

A recent study from the University of Chicago shows that beef and sheep as well as dairy products help fight tumors. That's right, the study shows that dairy and red meat contain transvaccenic acid (TVA). This is a fatty acid that improves the quality of CD8+ T cells, increasing their power to infiltrate tumors and thus eliminate cancer cells.

So far research carried out by the University of Chicago shows that patients with high levels of TVA increase the efficiency of immunotherapy. In this way, the treatment is more efficient since the infiltration of the treatment into the cancer cells is greater.

The results published by the prestigious Nature magazine This is confirmed and although these are still preliminary, it opens new avenues in treatments.


Red meat and dairy products rich in transvaccenic acid

Before, red meat and dairy products had a bad reputation as being healthy. Now products such as butter, whole milk, lamb or beef already have arguments to demonstrate their healthiness. The recent study shows that they can help and, in moderation, can be healthy in people undergoing cancer treatments. In addition, it opens the door to making dietary supplements with this type of fats rich in transvaccenic acid.

The author of the study Dr. Chen and his team emphasize that although the consumption of these products helps this therapy, it is not clear what other effects it may have. In this way, it is highlighted that although in this specific case it may be positive, it has been shown that high intake of red meat is associated with the risk of tumor formation and should be moderated.

Once again common sense returns and diets that do not abuse a fatty ingredient are usually the most suitable.