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Antioxidant drinks, know their benefits!

Our antioxidant drinks They help us prevent aging and give us a great extra of nutrients. Therefore, drink regularly green tea o Lemonade can provide great benefits to the body. Do you want to know in addition to those two that more antioxidant drinks exist and what more benefits they provide? Continue reading.

What benefits do they have?

By taking antioxidant drinks avoid sugars, artificial flavors, colorings, and improve your diet with vitamins and minerals. Also, drinking, for example, a cup of tea a day can help you speed up your metabolism.

This makes tea a perfect ally for weight loss as well. It also serves to burn enough calories and to considerably increase your daily energy. Great for busy days.

Antioxidant drinks
Goiko's Lemonade | Source: Goiko.com

What are the most antioxidant drinks?

As we have already anticipated you, tea is the best antioxidant drink par excellence. And within the teas, you have to know, that the best are the green, since consuming it regularly reduces the risk of having cardiovascular accidents; and the black, which by containing high doses of caffeine, allows you to stay active and increase your ability to concentrate.

However, other drinks such as the lemonade, the Kombucha or the must they are also wonderful options. Just as they are pomegranate juice, cocoa drink or the famous green smoothie, that you can easily get in any supermarket or create yourself.

Antioxidant drinks
Tea, the best antioxidant drink | Source: Manyee.com.mx

In the case of wanting to create the Green smoothie for yourself, you need spinach, chard, celery, cucumbers and fruits like Kiwi or green apple. These are foods that by themselves are already antioxidants. What has been the drink that has caught your attention the most? Did you know the multiple and healthy properties of antioxidant drinks?