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What is soy drink? Find out what it brings

You've probably ever heard of soy drink. In recent years its popularity has grown enormously due to the search of society to provide itself with proteins of plant origin. It is also associated with diabetic reasons. Do you want to know why more reasons its consumption has grown and what exactly is this product? Read on with us to find out.

What really is soy drink?

Soy drink is a vegetable product that provides protein in quantity similar to Cow milk (around 3%). One of its distinguishing characteristics is that the soy drink lactose free (milk sugar) and casein (milk protein), which can be the cause of certain allergies and intolerances in some consumers.

What is soy drink
Soy drink | Source: Recetasycocina.net

Also, this drink it also has no cholesterol. Instead, it has powerful phytosterols and isoflavones antirust, which has encouraged many people to opt for this type of drink to reduce fat in their diet and lose some weight.

Why else has your consumption grown?

In recent years, this product has opened up space in the homes of our country. Its introduction to the market is said to be mainly due to its positioning as a substitute for the milk, allowing you to target a much broader consumer segment.

What is soy drink
Soy milk

However, it is important that you bear in mind that soy drink is not an official substitute for cow's milk. Although if you have an allergy to cow's milk proteins or if you suffer from irritable bowel problems or Crohn's disease yes it may be your best option. Now will you dare to try it and take advantage of all its benefits? We recommend it without hesitation.