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Marine food, a solution for your health and your planet?

Do you like seafood? Are you one of those who thinks of Prawns since you get up on New Year's Eve? In this article we give you some more excuse to eat them by citing certain nutritional and environmental benefits. Could you improve the diet of 166 million people? Let's see what is special about them.

Seafood, more nutritious than meat

Several studies published last Wednesday in the Nature magazine shed light on these foods. They claim that certain kinds of food from water bring more nutritional benefits than water. meat. Thus, they are more nutritious than beef, chicken, lamb, goat or pork in the average of nutrients analyzed. This are omega 3, vitamins A and B12, calcium, iodine, iron y zinc.

Despite all the benefits, researchers agree that they are underrepresented in nutritional and environmental assessments of food systems. In fact, a team led by the researcher Christopher Golden, Harvard, prepared a global database. It contained details of more than 3.700 aquatic animals. Finally, he concluded that the seven most nutrient-dense animal food categories come from the sea. Some examples: tuna, herring, salmon y trout.

The tail of a moving fish / Source: Pixabay

The experts also estimated that increase world production by 8% of “blue foods” by 2030 could reduce prices by 26%. In this way, the consumption of nutrients would be improved in about 166 million peopleEven with a moderate increase in global production, the study estimates that seafood could provide the diet on average 186% more de omega-3 fatty acids DHA y EPA. Not to mention 13% more than Vitamin B12, 8% more than football, 4% more than iron and 4% more than zinc.

More ecological

To make matters worse, seafood can also help reduce the impact of meat on the environment. An investigation led by Jessica gephart, from the American University of Washington, concluded that bivalves, like clams and oysters, and farmed seaweed produce less emissions than their captured counterparts.

Oysters / Source: Pixabay

Since 2018 others came to us studies warning that the consumption of certain farmed seafood has less impact than the consumption of meat. This refers mainly to the molluscs. However, it also makes references to some capture fish such as sardine as well as the mackerel. We hope this article has helped you to reflect and investigate further. Staying informed is key when it comes to eating a diet that is respectful of yourself and the planet.