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VII Earth Rice Conference in Benidorm

Let's talk about one of the gastronomic events star of our land and why not say it, of the whole world. This food is reason for people from all over the globe to taste the rice dishes of our Mediterranean coast.

And is that the rice and paellas of the Levantine coast and specifically in Benidorm they are not eaten anywhere.

Poster Benidorm Rice Day
Poster Benidorm Rice Day

That is why we would like to place you at VII Conference of the Rices of the Earth in Benidorm from October 20 to 28. It will be several days in which you can taste our rice in multiple shapes, colors and flavors.

Up to 16 restaurants will be in charge of offering you a great dish. The main protagonist will be rice at a price of € 20. The menus include starters, main rice dish, dessert and wine cellar so that you do not miss anything.

PYou can download the Gastroeventos APP and check the menu of each of the 16 restaurants that will offer rice dishes through your mobile.

Paella Benidorm Conference
Paella Benidorm Conference

The organizers speak in Benidorm

Toni Pérez, has assured, for its part, that "in general" the Benidorm Gastronomic 2018 that closes with these days «It has been a success«. The VII Conference of the Rices of the Earth close the calendar of Gastronomic Benidorm.

The president of the Association of Bars, Restaurants and Cafeterias (Abreca), Javier del Castillo had a few words at the presentation of the event. Together with Pérez, he has stated that «they will have the opportunity to taste rice off the menu that the establishments will prepare for these days.

One way, in the words of Xavier of the Castle, to innovate in the kitchen "and check the acceptance that these new dishes can have when the restaurateur decides to include it in the menu."

We hope that during the eight days that this gastronomic event you can access the largest amount of rice dishes. So enjoy for you can of the magnificent recipes that are cooked in the Mediterranean.

Leaflet VII Conference of the Rices of the Earth