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The Tasting of the Station Neighborhood, awarded

We are aware that The Rioja is famous and rich for the quantity and quality of its wines. But within it, there is a small town called Haro.  Adjoins the province of Burgos by Obaren Mountains north and with alava by ebro To the East. This is where the now traditional Battle of Wine. Now, he has received the award for The Tasting of the Station Quarter. The award is awarded by The Wine Routes of Spain.

La Rioja Wines

The main economic engine of Haro, as you can guess is the wine. Since the early XNUMXth century, wine has provided flourishing to Haro, becoming at the end of the XIX century in the economic engine of the city. The climate and its rich soils have made this municipality very conducive to harvesting.

The neighborhood tasting to taste the great Riojas

Thanks to these conditions and to the three editions of The Tasting of the Station Quarter have been awarded for The Wine Routes of Spain. And what are Wine Routes of Spain? Well, it is an organization that groups the best places where you can taste the best wines. This is how its members define it:

«A Wine Route, according to the Wine Routes of Spain model, is a complex tourist product. In reality it is a network of business cooperation and public-private cooperation that it integrates. both specifically tourist companies. Also to others whose sectors have traditionally been far from tourism (wineries, wine bars, specialized stores, etc) «.

The award is convened by ACEVIN

Thus, the IV edition of the Wine Tourism Awards de Wine Routes of Spain, have been convened by the Spanish Association of Wine Cities (ACEVIN). They receive the support of the Secretary of State for Tourism and Turespaña.

This event, whose third edition was held last June, has been worthy of this award "for the cooperation of a group of wineries from Rioja Alta. Located in an emblematic neighborhood full of history, for the organization of an event of great global projection that combines tradition, tasting of premium wines.

The cuisine of renowned chefs, unique proposals in each winery and a festive and playful atmosphere around the culture of wine ”.

Thus, The Tasting of the Station Neighborhood, adds a new milestone to its record in which they already stand out:

- "Rioja Capital Award for the Singular Initiative Linked to Agrifood Resources".

- “Award for the Best Wine Tourism Experience” 2016 at the International Wine Challenge Awards Spain.

- “Best of for the Best Wine Tourism Initiative” 2015, awarded by the International Network of Great Wine Cities.

This award will be presented on November 16 at the Royal Tapestry Factory of Madrid.

Haro wine, awarded

With three successful editions, The Tasting of the Station Quarter has been established as one of the great oenological and wine tourism events in Spain.

Fans and professionals from all over the world live a great wine festival sponsored by the seven wineries that make up this neighborhood of Haro.

The cradle of wine Rioja with the wineries: López de Heredia Viña Tondonia, CVNE. Gómez Cruzado, La Rioja Alta, SA Viña Pomal Bodegas Bilbainas, Bodegas Muga y RODA Wineries.

Haro has once again become a must-see municipality for all lovers of good wine.