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The best roscones, pastry shop or supermarket?

We will find the best roscones. Below we analyze the variants to take into account and talk about some specific cases. Also what tendencies current ones are gaining strength. Everything is to help you make the right decision. Do you usually go to supermarket o tu cake shop traditional neighborhood? In which establishment is the roscón the best?

An election

Which are the best roscones? What do you base your purchasing decisions on? Every year around this time many people ask these questions. It is not for little, since in Spain they are sold 30 million of roscones per year! This is a surprising number when you consider that sales take place for just one month. It should be noted that this trend is new. Thus, traditionally they were sold only days before Reyes. The determining factor that led to this change is mainly the supply of various kinds of roscón.

Supermarkets joined the bandwagon and typical patisseries stopped monopolizing the market. In this way, new variants appeared with new ingredients. An example is the roscón de nata. Another could be the filling of toasted cream y angel hair. You can also find them made of chocolate. The consumer must take these ingredients into account when choosing which one to buy. It is not nonsense. This sweet is so overwhelming and great that one can fill several people. Let's see how the offer is diversified to adapt to demand.

Looking for the best roscones

A striking case when we talk about the best roscones can be one released by Mercadona. Take advantage of the rise of Veganism since it does not contain any ingredient of animal origin. This product weighed 350 grams and it cost $7. Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to find it. It was a limited edition trial that was successful. Thus, the goal is to have one ready to be incorporated into your catalog. next Christmas.

En Carrefour, on the other hand we find a low sugar roscón by 6'99 euros. Something that supermarkets can have as a positive point is innovation. Perhaps many of the neighborhood bakery consumers went to the supermarket because they wanted to try something different. Not all bakeries innovate and in fact many keep the same recipe for many years. However, some like the Obrador of San Francisco They surprise us with original roscones. This establishment sells for 19 euros one with a touch of cinnamon y cardamom.

Another case to consider is that of the roscón de Lidl prepared by the chef Carlos Maldonado placeholder image. This won the third edition of MasterChef. It also received its first Michelin star in 2020. We cannot say that this roscón from the white brand Deluxe resembles an artisan roscón. However, its ingredients of the coverage are striking. These consist of cocoa rubypink), raspberry y lyophilized mango; in addition to chocolate blanco y black. You can buy it by looking in the frozen section of the supermarket.

Carlos Maldonado roscón box
Roscón box by Carlos Maldonado / Source: @dianaponferrada

The ingredients

If you want to find the best roscones you must bear in mind the quality of the ingredients. It should be remembered that it is hypercaloric processed foods with a very high sugar content. In cases like these, what matters is not the amount of what you eat, but the already mentioned quality. For this reason, it is still worth it to leave a little more money in one from a bakery. The kilo can go out between 40 and 60 euros but because excellent raw material is used and its elaboration is artisanal.

On the contrary, those from the supermarket are more flights (15 euros per kilo). However, this price reduction has a reason. The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) conducted a study comparing roscones with supermarket and pastry cream. He found that very few supermarkets (including Hipercor) are filled with pure cream. Almost all carry a mix of vegetable fats. Among these, the coconut oils, palm kernel o palm. On the contrary, pastry chefs always use real cream. So now you know: value the relationship price quality.

To find the best roscones the OCU studied several with cream
Roscón de Reyes with cream / Source: @eradasc

The tradition

The custom of eating this sweet is older than most people think. It goes back to the Ancient Rome although it was not exactly the same. What was tasted was a round toast with haba within. Whoever found it was crowned the king of the party. Without a doubt, this is a more fun plan than paying for the roscón if you find the figure today. Currently a gift for children although some retain the bean. On the other hand, the current version of roscón is a direct heir to the mozarabic pastry.

This tradition is preserved to this day. In fact, it has never been more commercial as every year they come out most surprising roscones. If you have to buy roscones for a very large family, you may not be eligible for the most expensive proposals. However, if it is for a few people or if you share it, you can enjoy it more. The difference in flavor is palpable and we must bear in mind that it is a once-a-year whim.

In conclusion, we let you be the one with your tastes and preferences values ​​with these aspects mentioned what roscón to buy before Reyes. The best roscones They can be from pastry or supermarket, you decide.