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What is kefir? Iron health

The gastronomy is full of products from incredible quality. And, some of them are totally unknown to the public. In fact you know what is kefir? Today we present you this delicious drink. its origin and characteristics they will leave you with your mouth open. New delicacies, new sensations!

What is kefir?

Kefir is a fermented milk drink native to the Caucasus. It is said that the origin of the name comes from the Turkish word KEIF, which means feel good. But, the history of this product goes back several centuries when the shepherds from these mountains they carried a lot of milk. They stored them for a long period of time in containers of leather.

It was there when the milk fermented and a drink was generated. With a taste very similar to a yogurt sour fizzy. It should be noted that it is obtained by a double fermentation. It is also a food with a probiotic effect. This means that it has a beneficial influence on the intestinal microbiota. Thus, it contains microorganisms that prevent the development of pathogens intestinal.

What is kefir
Kefir. Source: faydalicerik.net (pinterest.com)

Very positive properties

Kefir has numerous properties and advantages. First of all, many nutritionists confirm that it helps control the satiety. As well as, at the prevention of overweight. It is also optimal for improving enfermedades like type 2 diabetes or hypertension. Even cardiovascular disease! In fact, kefir is also very good for maintaining the bone health.

But, this is not only there. This product is also highly recommended for anyone who do not digest lactose well. Taking a look at other aspects, there are other possible benefits of kefir. And it is that, at the moment, its effect on the modulation of the immune system. This is why it could be suitable as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.


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Have you ever tried this delicious dairy? Now that you know what is kefir, nothing is stopping you from giving it a try. It is completely safe that your flavor you will like it. And, once you try it, it will be a usual in your diet.