Lose weight with wine, is it possible?

The arrival of summer and high temperatures implies several things. But, the main one is the appearance of the dreaded operation bikini. That moment when concern for Calories takes a leading role that has not had during the rest of the year. That is why alcoholic drinks they are left out of the diet, at least on many occasions. However, do you know that it is possible lose weight with wine? Contrary to what you may think, this drink can be beneficial for your health. As long as you consume it wisely.

Alcohol does not make you fat

Before getting into the topic of lose weight with wine, we must clarify certain aspects. The first thing you should know is that the alcohol is not fattening. Although you may think otherwise, the truth is that, although it has many calories, these are not absorbed by the body. They are not nutrients. On the other hand, empty calories They are those that do not have any type of nutrient. Therefore, in the case of wine, as it does not contain fat and hardly any carbohydrates and proteins, it does not make you fat.

So, knowing this, the risk of taking too many empty calories is only explained in the case of carrying one inadvisable diet. That is to say, it is the skewers that usually accompany the wine that can carry a few extra kilos. Especially those that contain bread and other carbohydrates. And it is that, these mixed with some glasses of wine cause fat accumulation. As advice, it is best to have a good broth during or after meals.

Lose weight with wine

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How to lose weight with wine?

Professor Lamuela-Raventós was in charge of answering and explaining the advantages of the moderate wine consumption. All this in a virtual event called "Wine and weight control - is it possible?". The answer to this uncertainty is clear, these advantages may lie in the polyphenols. Which are present in the drink, particularly in the Reds. And it is that, the main component is the ethanol. However, it also contains minerals, like potassium. It is in the broths where a higher concentration of polyphenols, like resveratrol.

The latter is what helps the body to increase the amount of brown fabric. Which is a good type of fat that turns food into heat. Which helps burn more calories in food. This process, called thermogenesis makes the body counteract the calories consumed in wine. And, in addition, it burns more in the food you eat. Along with all this, polyphenols improve the intestinal microbiota. And last but not least, these are very bioavailable.

You can lose weight with wine

A study called PREDIMED demonstrated the low incidence of cardiovascular risk among wine drinkers. And it is that, the most assiduous to the drink did not consume a healthier diet than those who did not drink. But, the former had a slower heart rate. And a Lower BMI when energy consumption was the main one. In addition, those who took between 7 and 14 units per week, had a less number of cardiovascular risk factors compared to the others.

On the other hand, as for the cholesterolIt should be noted that there were no major changes in the levels. While it was observed that the wine drinkers consumed more calories, But they did not get fat. It should be noted that both groups had the same food at their disposal. So these differences were not caused by a better or worse diet.

Lose weight with wine

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Not all agree

Although most experts agree that moderate consumption of wine can be beneficial, not everyone has the same opinion. In fact, although you have previously been able to verify that the broths are not fattening, there are those who assure otherwise. In addition, you should know that it is the food that most kilocalories have. This amount can be up to 7 per gram. Although, as in everything in life, there are several degrees. This ranges from 107 kcal for a glass of white wine dry until 300 of one of high-proof sweet wine.

Do you consider feasible the lose weight with wine? You have seen that many experts on the subject assure that the key is in the moderation. So, if you are one of those lovers of the best national wines, try to consume them in the right times. This will provide you with magnificent delight and keep your health in order.

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