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Pascual presents its responsible management

El Pascual group has presented its framework this morning 'Pascual Contributes', for the integration of the responsible management In the business. This initiative brings together all the programs that the company has been developing. It is based around the three territories from those who want to add value to society: Well-being, Development and Environment. It is promoted alongside its other Bezoya brands, Bifruit, Vivesoy, Mocay Caffè, The Goods and La Quinta Grupo Inmobiliario.

In the presentation, Borja Pascual He pointed out that they want to «grow in a sustainable and profitable manner, adding value to society. From listening to the expectations of our stakeholders and offering products and services that promote well-being, development and respect for the environment ”.

Based on three territories: well-being, development and environment in Pascual

Each of the three territories It encompasses specific actions and has different objectives set by the company. Thus, the welfare section seeks to contribute to health, well-being and nutrition of its stakeholders. For his part, development is committed to being the best place to work with quality employment, promoting a responsible value chain and having a positive impact on communities.

And in environment, the objective proposed by the organization is to minimize the environmental impact of its activity and promote the circular economy. Thus, Paschal, undertakes to continue contributing to the achievement of the ODS full 2030 Agenda de United Nations. All this to put an end to poverty, protect the planet and guarantee the global well-being of people, which it impacts through its productive activity.

The frame of Pascual Contributes is based on the legacy left by the founder of the company, Thomas Pascual Sanz. This has been the basis on which Paschal He has been working for 50 years. A legacy that represents a way of understanding and serving the market, its stakeholders and its environment. Everything to contribute to society well-being, development and sustainability.