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Restaurant reviews: how do they influence?

Traditionally, going to a place of restoration to enjoy a lunch or dinner was a matter of go on adventure or having received recommendations by other people. Those that, after living the experience, advise other diners to go. That was before, but now and for years, what is fashionable are the restaurant reviews written by users in different portals and, especially in Google Maps. Just to know how this factor influences when choosing one or another gastronomic destination, a study of Fork you have extracted some interesting data. It is clear that what others think of a local matters a lot.

The second factor: restaurant reviews

La booking application to go from food or dinner to the place you want has drawn a main conclusion. Almost the 80 % of users consult the restaurant reviews previously. Thus, this factor has undergone an important evolution in recent years until it is already the second what else is taken into account. According to the same study, a 69 % of people value it before reserving the place, ahead of other less relevant factors. For example, him type of kitchen (51%), promotions (30%) or the location (24%). Of course, it continues to lead that list of aspects to study the relationship price quality that the restaurant has, with the 85 % of users who notice it.

Going into greater detail, it should be noted that reading the restaurant reviews has special interest in the case of reservations for family meals in the 73 % of the cases. In addition, the respondents admit that they trust more what ordinary people say than the recommendations of experts. Therefore, a lot of relevance is given to the experiences of others. And even the 48 % of those people who consult them, too They admit to leave their assessment. Thus, they can also encourage other users to go to the restaurant.

What do those reviews reflect?

Already in the middle of the content that is observed in these evaluations, the points that are most looked at range from a full comment past the numerical note until photos. The graphic description of what is said is becoming increasingly important: cuisine in the letter, dishes served, atmosphere of the premises, and so on.

Although there are not many diners who specify the price total food, this is another aspect that is highly valued in restaurant reviews. They do not usually lack positive or negative comments towards the service (waiters), Plus own delicacies. Here it is valued, always subjectively, the kindness and speedas well as a presentation or flavor of each plate.