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Increase the consumption of organic product

More and more citizens are betting on the consumption of organic product. Those foods organic or also called bio. They are actually different names for the same thing. The Spanish body that regulates this area defines these products as follows: "A production system that dispenses with the use of synthetic chemical substances." In this way, you can obtain natural food and minimize the effects on the environment. Find out more about how this sector is doing here.

Thus, the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), nor the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides. A crop rotation must be guaranteed to ensure the soil quality as well as the biodiversity. The animals must be raised in a "free" regime and their feed must be organic. The use of antibiotics is limited in the use of both livestock and aquaculture feed.

Consumption of organic product and production

It is also clear that more and more countries are increasing the ecological production. In first position we are Australia, Argentina and China. Already in the fourth position in the world and first in the European community we find Spain with just over two million hectares of Ecological cultivation.

El consumption of organic product grows significantly year after year. In 2013, in Spain It was € 22 person / year, currently it is € 47. Growth is expected to continue along the same lines, especially since the big surfaces They have opted for these products. Currently these chains already represent the 40% of the distribution channel in ecological. Although Spain is in the fourth position in production is in the tenth in consumption.


It seems that there are no doubts in the increase in production and consumption of organic product in the future and this leads us to have and claim a labeled clear. This label should include the certifying entity and origin of raw materials that has the product. 95% of ecological origin must be guaranteed and the remaining 5% that it meets clear and strict conditions.